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DP G3 HPR Screw Extremely Tight

11 August 2015 - 09:50 PM

Hey everyone,


So I've been out of the game for a long time. Got sick, ended up in a wheelchair for a couple years, had surgery, got (somewhat) better and can at least move around again. I'm trying to get my old gear ready for a paintball weekend with some of my old friends but wouldn't you know, stuff just isn't working right.


My backup/loaner gun appears to have suffered some sort of ailment during it's last outing when I loaned it to a friend. I have a Dangerous Power G3. I took it apart, lubed the bolt, lubed the HPR - things I've done several times before. But when I got it all put back together and pressurized, the HPR adjustment screw is INSANELY hard to turn. Like - so tight it is backing the HPR itself out of the gun if I don't get an iron grip on it.


Without air attached, the screw spins relatively freely, but once it's pressurized, it's a nightmare. 


I actually tried lubing the threads of the screw (probably a bad idea but there was some black residual grease on there so I figured what the heck) with some old hater marmalade but even that did not alleviate the issue.


Anyone seen this? Familiar with this? I'm wondering if somehow the screw or the HPR housing has taken some damage but I didn't see anything extremely obvious except for a teeeeeeeny tiny burr in the screw threads that I tried to clean up a bit just for good measure.


Also - does Dangerous Power even still exist? I see their site is there, but the guy at my local shop said they went out of business. Can I get parts for this thing if it comes to it?


Thanks for the help in advance,



TLDR; Dangerous Power G3 - HPR adjustment screw is stupid tight. How to fix?