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In Topic: Machine - Vapor

13 June 2012 - 09:54 AM

Always good to see a new company working its way into the market, also looks like a pretty damn sweet marker too.

In Topic: Counterfeit Zodiac Renegade ZR1's hitting the market

18 February 2012 - 06:10 PM

Then they both should have said nothing in the first place if all they were going to do was accuse people in public without providing proof.


So far we've seen both sides saying that they have proof, and yet in the same breath they decline to present that proof.

In Topic: Valken shut out of the PSP?

17 February 2012 - 10:36 PM

if one company has enough leverage in the industry to pull those dick moves, then why not just let them eliminate the competition?

Because, once all the competition is gone, the "winning" company is free to do as they please. Now, for the record, when was the last time you saw ANY corporation do something good when they had complete and total control of a market?

In Topic: Dp Fusion Fx Vs Pe Etek 3 lt vs Pe Etha Vs Axe

12 February 2012 - 06:26 PM

As someone who owns a FX, and has dealt with DP's customer service, I'm not entirely sure what NPpBaller is really talking about. Every company has issues with markers not working, and every itiot who can't accept that they broke their own marker also tends to throw the blame on the company that produced what was broken through user error. That is of course, not to say that everyone who complains about a faulty product is lying through their teeth though.

So, let me start with my product experience. I bought the FX from a non-retailer, new. Essentially someone had a new, still sealed in package FX for sale. I get the marker, fill out the warranty card, and got set to take the marker out to the field with me on the weekend. Then, I find that the marker is not working and set about trouble shooting the marker. I pin the issue down to the solenoid, and then decide if I want to either buy the part myself or use the warranty. I decide to use the warranty, and contact DP. The first few times I fail to get into contact with them, though that is more an issue with the fact that I'm two hours ahead of them and need to call before 3:00 p.m. in order to get in contact with them. However, the third or so time I call, someone does pick up, even though they should technically be gone for the day.

Their customer service representative was friendly, helpful, and promptly transferred me over to one of their techs. It was this point that the tech ran through all of the basics and helped to pin-point the problem even further. Which is to say, confirmed what I already knew. Mind you, however, he confirmed it in a way I did not think to do(checking the airlines to see if air was reaching the solenoid).

Then, I get an rma number, box up the marker... and promptly forget to send the marker out for three months. I eventually ship out the marker this February, they accept the marker, they call to let me know they have it, and in two days they call to let me know what was wrong with the marker and that the issue has been fixed. I pay for the marker to be returned, pay the service fee for the marker work, and pay for one of the three parts they used to get the marker working again. The total was $52.00 with shipping for both ways. In comparison, buying the new solenoid from them would have been $45.00 before adding in shipping. Which would have been around $10.00 or less.

Now, for a while the marker did work(this is before I sent it in to be fixed). In fact the marker worked very nicely(while it worked). The settings were very simple to adjust with the LCD board, and the player profiles were very convenient for playing in multiple formats(scenario tournament, semi-auto play, PSP format tournament). The marker is very light, but feel very solid. In fact the only non-metal components on the marker are the grips, which I found to be average as far as grip and comfort are concerned(note, I play without gloves so the grips are important to me). The marker itself had little barrel rise or vibration; although it should be noted that I do shoot, so unless the marker kicks like a .22 caliber/20 gauge or worse the vibration won't be my main concern. However, I would also like to note that I do own a DM 4 and a shocker SFT, which are two of the smoothest and quietest markers on the market(which is to say, on Ebay). In regards to effieciency, I was able to go through a through 2 of 3 phases in a scenario game(Stage one and two were hostage rescue, and territory control respectively) on one fill of a 48/3000(I'm too cheap to upgrade). In my own opinion, the marker is a nice little marker. However, if customer service had taken longer than two weeks in regards to receiving, fixing, and returning the marker to me; I would have just sold the marker and been done with it.

However, since their service was quick, and I got the marker back in under 2 weeks(this includes me shipping it out to them, them fixing the marker, and the time it took to get back to me), I intend to keep this marker and make it my main marker for the upcoming season.

Also, I would like to note that one reason I went with DP over the Macdev Drone was that Macdev's warranty lasts two years from the time they began production of the marker, but DP's is a lifetime limited warranty.

In Topic: Drone DX vs.Etha

14 January 2012 - 01:07 AM

I'm going to say Etha on this.


Because of this little nugget in the drone dx's manual.

Your marker is guaranteed free of manufacturing defects for a period of two (2) consecutive years beginning from the
product release date.

Two year warranty, not bad... two year warranty starting from the time they began production, sucks.

I want my warranty from the time I BOUGHT the marker, not from the time they started making the marker.

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