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Fair or Foul play?

08 May 2014 - 07:21 PM

Two situations that occurred at the field this weekend.

1. I pass by 1 opponent as I advance past the 50 during recball.  He calls a paintcheck on me as I make it to the bunker. I pause and have the ref look me over - declares me clean. 

    I snapshoot  and I get called for a paintcheck again. I pause and wait for the ref.  I snapshoot again only to find him gone.  Shortly after I see him bunker me from the other side of the bunker.

    Was that move (call paintcheck and move) a gutsy, but not favorable move (like a dead man's walk) or cheating?


2. As I'm walking back to the starting point after getting shot out, my teammate asks to swap guns. He was using a pump and I was using an electro.  I swap.  He continues play and shoots people out in the process.  As he runs out of paint midfield (I am in the back corner filming) he motions for paint. I drop a pod where I am.  He runs back to the pod and refills.  He proceeds to shoot out the remaining 2-3 players on the other team.


What say you?