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In Topic: Etek 3 LT also PSPGO

03 April 2012 - 02:06 AM

awww man, those are my colors too.

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In Topic: Your Paintball "Horror" Stories

20 March 2012 - 11:22 PM

My horror story is how i possibly made a bad impression of paintball on this new to paintball 10 year old kid.

I was in a scenario game, were we holding the top of a hill with a third of the men that start on the bottom, and we couldn't leave the top of the hill for about 10 minute. After the 10 minutes were allowed to advance on the enemy position. So, we hold down the fort and then we are given the notification that we can now leave the top of the hill. A group of 3-4 enemies were stationed 40 meters to our bottom left, taking cover behind a humongous fallen tree stump. I was in a CQB kinda mood, and I basically jumped down this hill, ran 30 meters right up to some cover and put myself in a horribly strategic postilion and began a QCB fight with 2 people at my 10 o clock and 1 man on my 2 o clock. I was in a cross fire. I ended up taking 1 man on left immediately, and laid down suppressive fire on the guy to my 2 o clock. I Advanced on the 10 o clock last man and ended up shooting a 10 year old kid with a single shot to the hand as he poked his gun out. The kid immediately drops his gun and yells "OUCH" while holding his knuckles. Turns out the man I got out before him was his father and they were playing as a team. So immediately i felt super horrible, even though everything in the game i did was legal, nobody wants to shoot a kid in less than 10 meters.

After the game was over, I went up and talked to the kid, and apologized. I said to him even though everything I did was within game regulation, I don't like to give a bad impression on younger players and had I known he was a so young I never would have advanced on his position and put him at greater risk for pain.

So, the very next game, the teams are swapped up and im on the bottom. This time things are going very well for the bottom team, we held out for like 5 minutes trading off shots but were slowly advancing.. well I get to the tree stump, and with suppresive fire from my teammates I run up 30 feet to the base of a really steep hill and on top of the steep incline is the bunker where we held the top of the hill on the previous game(where i jumped down to bum rush the tree stump). Well im laying suppressive fire on the bunker and slowly advance closer and closer. There are 2 enemies in the bunker, I'm right on the other side of the bunker and I hear a single man say "hit!" and a man is leaving the field behind this bunker. I stand up, get to the corner of the bunker marker ready, yell at the top of my lungs surrender or die. (Giving the surrender order is an option on this paintball field) I wait 3 seconds, hear no response I turn into the bunker and end up shooting the exact same kid with a single shot to the arm. In my head all i can think of was "SONAVA ****"

After the game the kids dad ,who is in the military, comes up to me and for some reason i thought he was gonna take a swing at me for watching me bunker his kid twice. He said that his son would like to talk to me. I was like yeah no problem, and he started asking me all these tactical and strategic questions. I spent a good 10 minutes talking with him and his dad about how paintball is a team based game and there is nothing more important that working with your teammates to lay down suppressive fire and cover flanks and stuff like that. I even complimented him for coming to a paintball field wearing jeans and a T-shirt. When I was his age i was all padded up with body foam armor and neck protectors, gloves and you named it. He ended up leaving after our talk. So, there is either a chance where i completely scared him away from paintball forever, or through our chat and trying my best to befriend him and help him out, gave him even more of a incentive to play paintball.

In Topic: Dangerous Power G4

19 March 2012 - 07:03 PM

Spend the extra $25.00 and buy a mini... If it fits your hand.

Id say go with a GoG marker. The mini is the type of marker where you have to "like to feel" to like the marker. It's very small and if you got big hands it can make paintball feel like your trying to knit a sweater with bent wrists.

EDIT: Also, i have the G3 marker, and I absolutely love the marker, but I have upgrades. I feel that an upped G3 or a G4 could be a beast at 300 dollars or so... but when you take into account all the upgrades you can spend enough money to buy a 400-500 dollar marker and not have to make any upgrades.

In Topic: WTB G3 / IQ TechT Bolt Engine

18 March 2012 - 09:49 PM

found one, moderators can close.

In Topic: Dangerous Power G3 + Parts Kit

15 March 2012 - 10:44 PM

Would you just sell the bolt engine :P?

+1 on this if you change you mind $40 $50 shipped and PP