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In Topic: DP G3 FPS dips and spikes

16 November 2014 - 12:12 AM

Whilst I play with my marker some more, assume next time I go the field and cannot get this fixed. What recommendations to a different reg should I get. Best real world scenario I can actually barrow someone elses reg for 2 seconds to see if the FPS issues are fixed and perhaps that may happen next time I step out on the field.... But Lets say worst case scenario I find out the body of the reg is warped by a few degrees and am forced to find a replacement, should I just seek out another G3 reg body from DP, should I spring for a G4 reg on sale at DP website or perhaps a used CP reg on BST.

In Topic: DP G3 FPS dips and spikes

14 November 2014 - 07:52 PM

I would love to swap out the reg but I only have the one marker that uses this kind of reg Nno I don't have gauges installed so I can see the pressure level, If it's necessary I can buy one. The tank is a standard High pressure tank, the tank is full when I test the marker. Regulator on the tank is like new and tested by custom products and I have tried other tanks as well.

I would say after a full cleaning the best I can get on the marker is +-15fps, My buddies tipmann a5 has tighter FPS ranges. At about half day is when the FPS progresses to +-22 on a good day and on a crappy day goes to +-30fps.

I have indeed rebuilt the regulator with the new piston (red color). I even went as far to replace all the shims and reg seat as per the G3 manual. When I got the marker it actually came with the red regulator so I'm assuming the marker was manufactured after the reg mod or the previous owner replaced the piston himself. I have tried both pistons, the one the marker came with and the one that came in the parts kit. As far as I know there isnt an oring or part that comes in the kit I havn't swapped out.

I have minorly messed with the dwell settings on my board but only +-3 or so but when it didn't seem to help I reset it back to reccomended settings.