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DP G3 FPS dips and spikes

14 November 2014 - 03:44 PM

So, ever since I bought my Dangerous Power G3 here on BST its had issues with FPS dips and spikes. Sometimes It will behave but for the most part I end up having to set my FPS at like 240-250 to account for the +-30FPS random shots. Every now and then I got bolt stick so I slowly over a year or two upgraded it. ( I play in bunches, get into paintball and fall out )


1st: techT bolt engine which helped with bolt stick and a bit of the +-FPS

2nd: 7th element board and new trigger, new board for any possible voltage dips to the solenoid but the upgrade was mostly for the mechanical switch

3rd: mostly useless for FPS drops but a lurker barrel.


I have the DP G3 parts kit, I've completely rebuilt the inside of the regulator with new parts. I've opened and cleaned the solenoid and when that didn't work I used the new solenoid from the parts kit. Nothing.


At this point I have two hypothesis.

1: Could be a micro leak in a macro line fitting and the air is escaping.

2: Possible damage to the regulator body itself "warping". When I got the G3 the previous owner gripped the regulator with a vice grip. I know this because there is a deep scratch that goes around half the circumference of the regulator body. Visually it does not look bent or warped but I don't exactly have calipers on hand to check.


Basically I would appreciate any hypothesis as to why I am getting my FPS dips with the information given above. Feedback and criticism is encouraged.