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Diablo Wrath Leak

25 March 2012 - 09:08 PM

Hey my dad bought a diablo wrath at a garage sale for 40 bux, and this thing has some problems. I read the manual, took apart everything as best I could, and lubed up all the o rings. As soon as air is applied to this thing, it leaks out of the bolt area that has the spring on it.

I'd like ask for any suggestions on what might be the problem, or any links to a good site that has only 1 complete o-ring overhaul for this marker. Oring monkey has bebuild kits but you gota buy them by the quantity of x5 and I dont even know if a o-ring rebuild kit is gonna fix my problem. Since it was bought from a garage sale and I have no experience working on this marker, I dont even know if this marker is complete, I could be missing a small washer or spring and wouldn't even know it.

So, if i could invest in a small 4-5 dollar oring kit at a chance to fix it, i might. If i cant fix it with new o-rings or your guyses help without investing more than 10-20 bux im gonna try and convince my dad to scrap it or sell it for 40 bux and invest that towards an azodin blitz.

WTB G3 / IQ TechT Bolt Engine

16 March 2012 - 03:47 PM

I'm looking for a G3 techt bolt engine preferably black in color and needs to be in working condition. Asking price 40-45 USD, I live in Washington USA please no international sellers.

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Super Bolt Stick 9000 DP G3

24 September 2011 - 01:51 AM

So, ive kinda had this problem with my G3 ever since i bought it. Always thought it was either a solenoid issue or a reg issue but, the only remaining factor is the bolt.

Basically, i can take my bolt out, lube it up with some thin oil, put it in the gun. Break the bolt free and it will shoot ok. Let it sit for more than 10 minutes and when I try and shoot it, it just puffs at me. What I've been doing to kinda compensate til i figure out a permanent solution is upped the dwell to 20 ( aftermarket board) and upped the reg pressure. The problem with this of course is inefficiency, but whats worse is inconsistency. I would crono at 270 270 310, 280 317 285. Just all over the place + or - 30 or so.

First i thought it was the solenoid because it was just puffin at me when i shot, so i bought a gun parts kit. Replaced Sol did nothing, then figured since it wasn't regulating right might be the regulator so i replaced the internals of the regulator with the one in the parts kit. Nothing. So now its down to just the bolt. Replaced the bolt o rings. Nothing.

The only thing that has seemed to help a slight bit was going from Hater Sauce to Hoppe's gun oil (Teflon free of course) but it still sticks like a mofo after sitting a few minutes. I can feel the bolt as it goes in with my finger that it just feels kinda tight on the first o ring as you first insert it, but other than that its smooth once it's in place. New o rings are all the same. I'd hate to keep spending money but either i find a solution to this or I might look into the techT bolt engine or something.

Any suggestions?

G3 Regulator + or - 30 FPS

04 July 2011 - 12:40 PM

Went out this last Saturday and my FPS was all over the place ranging from 260 to 299. I'm pressure sure it's something to do with the reg. At the end of the day when I took my tank off, instead of holding 1 shot in the regulator like G3's are supposed to it degassed itself back out through the ASA. The reg seat doeant look tot worn down, but I can see a mild ring on the reg seat caused by the reg piston. Is the reg supposed to be absolutely flush or is it ok to have a mild indented ring. Also, i've been using hater sauce on the reg o'rings. The manual suggests DOW 55. Other people use Hater without any issues on the reg.

G3 Reg wont shoot under 385FPS

19 June 2011 - 12:16 AM

Went to a scenario Fort Knox game today and right from the get go my g3 was acting up. I'll be honest, I have very little actual use with this G3 (first time on the field) so I didn't know this guns particular quirks. Anywho i go to chrono and it gave me nothin but puff sounds and maybe one out of 10 shots if would shoot a ball at 400 FPS. I upped the dwell to 20ms, that eliminated the puff sounds but i just cant get the marker to shoot under 385. The reg has the new Red piston and reg seat. The shim stack is properly orientated and is properly lubed. Any suggestions?