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In Topic: TEAMS?

12 April 2010 - 08:06 PM

What would it take a to start a league?

Say three man...that would allow the "established teams" to enter more than one team...possibly two or three each, plus it makes it easier for newer players to form a team...

Entry fee in the neighborhod of $30-50 per team per event (the cheaper the better as more people would be willing to enter.).....

cash prizes for top three plus points for all in the series series,. Shops might even be able to contact distributors for year end prizes..(if we shoot "X" brand of paint would they be willing to offer year end prizes or discounts on paint for the series)

Established teams could chose to ref one event for points, like in the old NPPL days. Allowing the field owners to save a little $, benifiting the whole series..(Once things get moving and more teams enter, you could start to pay refs of choice)

Event organizers would make most of the $ from paint. Paint prices could be the standard 40-45 a case (entry $ would be used for prize $..the more that enter the higher the purse)...the first year might not make a ton of money, but as the series grows the potenial could be great.

Anyone intersted in?

I am just getting back into the sport after a small layoff, my connections with owners is small but I would be willing to help in anyway I could...or am I just reliving a MRPL wet dream...?

In Topic: Random Question, and probably pretty stupid

07 April 2010 - 09:20 PM

uhm, just a point, if the field you are at doesnt have the compressor running then what happens is you are filling of the bulk storage, so say you and 10 buddies go out and play then come in to fill up, if the compressor wasnt running to refill the bulk tanks then the psi in the tanks will drop after each fill. I have started a small field and cant afford a compressor as they are 6 to 10 grand! so I fill off bulk nitro tanks. after every fill the psi will drop. it would make no difference what tank you have. also filling from a 4500psi will work obviously but it is highly not recomended for obvious reasons. your tank is only desinged to hold 3000psi, a few hundred more by mistake could be dangerous. i hope this helpedPosted Image

In Topic: A few questions about scuba tanks.

02 April 2010 - 08:47 PM

sorry i missed your last part of your message, to find a fill station for a scuba tank simply go to ebay and type in hpa fill station in the search and about 100 of them will come up, theyy are only about 30 or 40 bucks. they are a simple way to fill your hpa

In Topic: A few questions about scuba tanks.

02 April 2010 - 08:43 PM

i do know this. in order to get your scuba tank filled it must have a current hydro test, so when buying used if you get one that is out of date you will need to have it hydro tested at a dive shop before they will fill it

In Topic: ups shippong

02 April 2010 - 08:39 PM

if you get the ups tracking number it should start with a 1z then there will be 6 digits like 021 398 .....the following 2 digits will tell you how it was shipped ie 01 means next day air, a 02 means 2 day and a 03 means it was shipped standard ground. so there are many variables to the days it will take a ground shippment to arive but rarly more than 5 days. with that said, go to ups.com and plug in your shipper number and it will tell you where it is and when it will arive Posted Image and if you didnt get it today then it wont be untill monday cause we do not deliever on weekends. but thanks for using ups! and oh yeah, we worked good fri and easter is not on a business day so that will not slow your shipping time