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sup'airfield maintenance

11 April 2010 - 08:37 PM

does any one out there know what would be the best glue or cement or whatever to use to patch an airfield bunker, I just got a used supairfield and it is in pretty good shape but im not sure what to use to close some of the open seams and apply patches with, It did come with a patch kit but no glue. any help would be greatly appriciated. Thanks

airball marker

31 March 2010 - 08:48 PM

ok, I am new to paintball and have a tippmann alph black, when i mentioned this on pbnation i got crap for the whole statement, so i just shut the computer off, but the whole reason i got it is because I love woods ball and i spent 10 years in the army so the whole m16 replica appealed to me and after lugging that around the marker doesnt seem big at all. and the flat line makes it shoot great. can actually use a sight to aim at a target! Any way, I feel in love with the sport so I am opening my own field in northern Maine this summer. so here is the problem, Ive only played woods ball and some speed ball, My field is going to have an airball field and even though the old a15 has been great I would love to have smaller lighter marker for the speed of airball. Im not interested in electronic fire, just something light small and durable. So, what would be recomended in the 400$ range? I would like a good brand but there are so many i have no idea where to start. Thanks so much for your help. Btw, you can check out my field at thundervalleynpp.com and if any one has any suggestions please feel free to mention it. Its not a great site and ive only got 20 rentals buy my whole idea is that i have paid for everything and owe no payments so if it is slow at first its not gunna hurt cause its paid for. anyway now im rambling. thanks for your help