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In Topic: Concerned parent seeks advice

20 June 2010 - 12:21 PM

I can back up everything that both Gtracer and FacePainter said, and I also started quite young. I began playing in 6th grade, at a friend's birthday party, and have been playing all the way up through high school, and am now 16 and a junior, just finishing finals to become a senior.

My parent (Also a single mother) was also concerned when I started playing, as safety is an obvious concern, but I wish she had had a location like this one to come for information; this website is filled with competant players who will certainly step up to see new players get into the game.

Safety, as mentioned above, is actually quite high, and the risks are exactly the same as any other activity, but none too serious.

Markers being mistaken for real guns? It's rare, as most of the more modern equipment tries to pull away from the militaristic image. Not to mention, as FacePainter pointed out, I keep my equipment in my room, in a corner, when i'm not maintaining it or playing.

Mostly the gear is up to the player, but getting something like knee pads is a lifesaver. They make everything more comfortable, and certainly prevent the annoyance of skinned knees or kneeling on a rock, both of which can happen and are none too charming to do. The necessities of playing are the marker/gun, a hopper to feed paint to the marker, an air tank to propel the paint, and a mask for the obvious eye protection.

ansgear.com is indeed a valuable place to search, and checking up on this forum is a very helpful way of determining whether or not something is a good value, as, between our collective knowledge, we have probably used everything on the market for the past 10 years and then some.

The markers themselves are not dangerous. There is a velocity limit for the paint, and almost all fields set their velocities of paint considerably lower than the allowance, so no one gets hurt. Getting hit therefore is a small matter, it feels like a very small slap, with two fingers. It will leave a bruise if you are only wearing a single layer of clothing with no padding at all, but i've found that the bruise goes away in a day or so.

If you need any more information, this website is always tremendous in its knowledge, and there is always someone willing to help. If you live anywere near Danbury Connecticut, feel free to come to me personally, and i'm sure anyone else who has posted here would offer the same if you are nearby.

Feel free to ask us anything! =]

In Topic: Brand New Paintball Gun Release.... 2010 G4

15 June 2010 - 04:04 PM

It is indeed in very bad taste to have had the G3, then the SE for a hundred more, with no real performance improvements aside from the trigger. You can argue the board, but it's neither here nor there.

The Spec-R was (by my judgment), junk. The "improvements" were minimal at best, and they released that thing at a ridiculously high price. For fans of the design and the company, they went out and spent the money. They then dropped the price.

Now, you get another gun. The improvements that were boasted in the Spec-R are included, and an improved regulator. Milling is more dramatic, just like the Spec-R. So, $300 price point.

This is a shaft:
Posted Image

DP is doing this^ to their loyal customers. Luckily, I'm not a loyal customer. I hope you guys enjoy the G4 along with the DSiXL. Posted Image

Lol, i dont know, im a little biased, and i guess im not a "loyal customer" so to speak, of DP, but i can't argue with how full of win some of their guns are... i still shoot the F8, but i think that DP is a lot like MacDev, theyre a little off the beaten path, but they do things with their guns that arent as normal... (RAPS asa, making both a poppet AND a spool, and making them both entry-mid level guns) not to mention i think DP actually owns the clamping feedneck patent.

Yeah the Spec-R was a piece of crap, and just not worth it. It could have just been a step, from g3 to g4, but regardless, not worth the 5 hundred something it sold for. but buying the g3, and now (with any luck) the g4, was always a great deal, and, once the normal problems were worked out, like the reg seat and such, they were great little guns for 300.

In sheer reliability, after i go everything working smoothly, my F8 has been more consistent than my ego8, although that may just be the abuse i lay on the poor little ego...

In Topic: idk what to do.

10 June 2010 - 04:31 PM

haha, i go alone all the time, and yeah, i make friends on the field more often than not. Its actually quite fun, and a little more intimidating ive realized. stick with other players who also know whats up, and just have fun, it can really be a blast, even alone. XD

In Topic: Superbolt Cocker pump?

08 June 2010 - 02:04 PM

Well, I'm guessing you're going to want to do everything as cheap as possible. I'd first look into buying a used pump off of here or another forum. Snipers are ridiculously easy to maintain and fix so even if the gun came in needing a little work, it wouldn't be a problem. The superbolt pumps arn't a terrible place to start at all but right off the bat, will not perform the same as a KP. So a superbolt pump off I&I 100 minus the reg and asa. I&I also sells a drop/regulator set for 30 bucks. So for 130 you've got a working, functional pump. However, the KP is right around that price area and has a smoother stroke, clamping feedneck, and is midblocked.

Whether you go with the KP or the superbolt, roll outs will probably be a problem either way. I don't know about your field, but mine has begun to sell us the smallest bore size possible. If you've got the cash, check-it makes a pretty nice bore kit. Otherwise, you can just get some clear nail polish and bore down the inside of the barrel. Cheap but works.

well, its not like im totally new to pump, or to paintball in general, i have other guns lol ill just take an ASA off an old gun, maybe just throw the reg from my ego onto the superbolt, so it comes to the even 100, and as for paint, Liberty paintball (in Patterson New York if anyone plays there to confirm) seems to sell pretty large-bore paint... it doesnt totally roll out my .693 back, which im slightly concerned about...

ive heard that paint's been getting smaller, but i clearly havent noticed lol... but i can certainly pick up a .685 CP, so rollouts shouldn't be a problem

In Topic: Superbolt Cocker pump?

07 June 2010 - 02:57 PM

thanks for all the responses, and that video was indeed, quite helpful. however, are they really that hit or miss on the quality? how does this stack up against the KP or the v2 classic? so far everyone seems to like them though, so that seems a good sign XD