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CP Inline regulator manual?

11 September 2013 - 09:03 PM

Hey there all. I'm trying to find the manual for the Custom Products V2 inline reg. I found this on CP's site: http://www.custompro..._inline_reg.pdf but the thing is that it looks like the V1 regulator. I'm just trying to get all the appropriate O-rings for replacement and figured the manual would be the best place to look. I tried contacting CP two times but it appears their customer service is pretty crappy because I never got a response. Any idea where I can find the V2 manual?

Quest LPR troubles/questions

24 August 2013 - 04:45 PM

Hey guys, had a few questions about operating an FEP Quest. I bought mine from Critical Paintball a couple years ago when they had a large number in stock so I guess technically mine's a "Critical Quest."


My first question has to do with the LPR. What is the appropriate way of bleeding the air out of it? I've tested it out many times where I've unscrewed the tank and about a minute later I'll hear a small puff of air as it naturally escapes. On other occasions it just seems to hold onto whatever air is in it. Is simple dry firing the correct way of degassing the LPR?


My second question also has once again to do with the dreaded LPR. Whenever I set it at a certain point (80 PSI is what I've always heard as the correct spot) it always seems to move around instead of staying in one place. Sometimes it will ever so slowly start to creep up and then sometimes it will creep down. It has never totally emptied itself as far as I know but I don't see how a potential air leak would cause the gauge to go up a little bit. Any ideas on what could be causing this? I'm hoping to use it next week at the field and it'll be only the 2nd time it has ever seen action. Silly thing has given me trouble literally since the day I bought it. <_< 

Anyone heard of this being done to paintballs?

20 August 2013 - 11:47 AM

I came across the below paragraph while browsing my local field's FPO policy. It's preceded by another paragraph explaining that field paint is better than store bought paint because it's fresher, more brittle, etc.


"There is also another reason we do this – some players seek to win at all costs. Some players take this idea to a whole new level- and they will perform some modifications to paintballs to make them ‘shoot faster and harder’. This is typically done by ‘freezing’ paintballs, or in some extreme situations, actually inject METAL SHAVINGS into the ball to increase the balls weight, increasing the probability of the paintball breaking upon impact. This is NOT SAFE nor ENCOURAGED by our field and referees, so to prevent this situation, any paintballs taken off our facilities (even if purchased from us!) is not permitted any longer. We don’t know what happens to that bag of paint once it leaves our store… and we only wish to protect those who are here."


I don't get it, I don't even see how injecting metal shavings into a paintball is even possible much less that it is a problem that my field needs to be worried about. Has anyone ever even heard of this before? I can come up with about 5 reasons why it would absolutely never work out but I'm really curious as to what y'all think or have heard. Personally I'm calling major shens on this.

Adjusting LPR on a Marq 6

07 August 2013 - 01:56 PM

Hey there y'all. I'm not technically a newbie but after being away from paintball for almost 2 years I'm afraid I've lost a lot of the common knowledge information that I once took for granted. That being said, I took my old BL Marq 6 out of storage and thought I would break it in pretty soon. The one thing I can't remember for the life of me (and can't seem to find exact info on the internet) is how to adjust the LPR on the marker. I have the BL pressure tester and all the appropriate equipment and all but I can't seem to remember how to do it. My Marq 6 has the notch so that I can see the brass part of the LPR without taking apart the marker but all the instructions I've read say to adjust a screw that is directly behind the HPR. The thing is that there's only the frame screw there and nothing else. On the other hand the brass part of the LPR does have small holes in it so am I supposed to take a small hex wrench and simply rotate that piece to adjust it?


All of this being done with the Pressure tester in the marker of course. :) Thanks for the help guys, really looking forward to diving head first back into paintball again.