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Gently used Red DP G3 iQ

13 July 2010 - 11:46 AM


Budget baller money making advice.

20 April 2010 - 04:33 PM

ok and yes im not gonna capitalize anything/use apostrophes. dont cricticize me for me noobiness or my grammar, i didnt start this topic to get yelled at. first off, here's my set-up. i have an invert helix mask (low-grade and im probably gonna get a new one soon), a new(ish) red DP G3 iQ with an invert halo too hopper, a guerilla air 62ci/3000 psi tank, a 3+0 NXe pod pack (that i just got but it sucks, i played with it for less than a day and my pod fell out and spilled). at the field i go to its 80 for a case of draxxus field paint and admission (no BYOP option). i currently have about a thousand rds and ill have around 37 bucks by the end of this week. ill be making close to 40 weekly from now on and i know i'm gonna need some upgrades. i'm not interested in buying a jersey, i already have good JT pants, cleats, a good enough hopper and gun, so what i really need is a better mask (i've been looking at the vforce line) and a new tank. i want either a 49 ci/4500 ninja tank, or a 68 ci ninja tank. i want to get these both ASAP and get out playing again. also, i cant decide on what tank to buy (im a little over 5 foot and 13 years old). i live in a neighborhood with alot of children, so if i could convince my mom to let me bbysit the, i could be bringing in a lot higher steady income. also, do you guys have any ideas on how else i could make money? i'm going to sell my current tank and if youre interested in buying ill upload a pic. thanks for whatever advice you can give to me its greatly appreciated.

ninja tank opinions

19 April 2010 - 08:14 PM

i need a new 4500 tank and im getting a ninja tank. im thinking about the 50 ci, 68 ci, or 49 ci. im a little over 5 ft like 5'2" or 5 3 ( did do that quotes thing right? ) tell me your opinion and back up your reasons please. also i guess this could be a ninja tank general forum, but until i decide, it wont be.

Mask advice

19 April 2010 - 02:52 PM

I currently have an Invert Helix mask and am wondering if a) should i get a new one and B) if so, what kind? i'm currently looking at the vforce grills, profile, and dye i4. please give me some advice.

need gear, don't know what kind to get.

04 April 2010 - 11:16 AM

i'm a relatively new paintball player. i've been playing for around a year and have a red DP G3 iQ (which i realize in retrospect was a bad idea b/c i bought it waaaayyy to early in my paintball "career") with a broken invert reloader 2 and a guerilla air 62ci/3000 tank (or 68 i forget sorry). i have no pod pack, extreme rage gloves, a camo jacket i got for 5 bucks, and sweat pants. the main things i want are a pod pack (yes i've seen your pod pack show i'm looking at the CP one), pants, knee and elbow pads, a new hopper, and a jersey. a new tank isn't that much of a priority for me right now (should it be?). any advice you could give me on what to buy for these things and where to buy it from would be great. thank you so much guys for any help you give me