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KP barrel breaks

03 April 2010 - 08:18 PM

Hey all,

I had just got my KP a few weeks ago, and finally had it out last friday and it seemed like for every 20 or so balls, I would get one or two breaks.

All stock KP, with 50rnd shake and bake hopper & 13ci 3000psi Hpa
Weather was fine, about 12-16 *C, little to no humidity
Shooting RPS Stinger, seemed kinda brittle but not bad.
FPS was in the 250-270 range, never really got a consistent reading.

So I was just wondering what any of you fellow KP owners would have for suggestion?
Was already planning on getting either a CP one piece barrel, probably a .685 or a Lapco Big Shot .684 because even with the Triad BRS, the balls were just dropping out like nothing.
Should I also invest in a reg as well? Would dialing down the op pressure make my KP a little more ball friendly?
I would greatly appreciate some feedback.