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The Postman

30 October 2009 - 09:07 AM

A brief overview of the book first

Gordon Krantz survived the Doomwar only to spend years crossing a post-apocalypse United States looking for something or someone he could believe in again. Ironically, when he's inadvertently forced to assume the made-up role of a "Restored United States" postal inspector, he becomes the very thing he's been seeking: a symbol of hope and rebirth for a desperate nation. Gordon goes through the motions of establishing a new postal route in the Pacific Northwest, uniting secluded towns and enclaves that are starved for communication with the rest of the world. And even though inside he feels like a fraud, eventually he will have to stand up for the new society he's helping to build or see it destroyed by fanatic survivalists.

Gordon “The Postman” Krantz must now lead his follower against General Bethlehem leader of the Holnist army. Can the Postman defeat Bethlehem, and more importantly can he deliver the mail on time?

The game will be divided up into two teams.

Blue armbands: Holnist army.
Green armbands: Restored United States postal service.

If you would like to general please let me know.

Missions will be handed out ever 30 minutes. There will also be daylong missions consisting of delivering the mail. For every letter delivered to the correct town (Number on the map) the Restored United States postal service will receive two points. The Holnist army will receive one point for every letter taken back to there base.

More info to follow
Game will be November or December
Check my sig for productions website

Jurassic Lark 3!!!

30 June 2009 - 02:21 AM

Hello! My name is jtcrowder49. I am head REF/assistant game producer at Mt.Doom paintball field in Culman, Alabama. I would like to inform everyone of an upcoming game in early August. Please pardon me as I know this is very short notice in the paintball world. I would like to begin by saying that we have launched a new website. This website is our game production website. It will and already has the game introduction and rules for this upcoming game. You can get all the information about the game/field on our website. There is also a place to pre register!!! The game will be capped at 200 players only!!! As these will fill up fast because of our very low fee prices!!! If you have any questions you may pm me, and i will reply asap. Below I have listed a few perks to our upcoming game. That being said there is MORE INFORMATION ON THE PRODUCTION WEBSITE!!! PLEASE VISIT IT FOR MORE INFO AND PRICES!!

1) Paint is 35$ CASE!!!
2) FREE!! Camping will be avaliable friday and saturday night!!! Everything from tents to RVS (although there are not many water/power hook ups)
4) Prepaid lunches will be served!! Menu is on production site!!
5) Website is www.mtdoompaintballproductions.com Check it out!!!

P.S. I will upload the Introduction Video on my youtube channel. It is http://www.youtube.c...ser/jtcrowder49 .
Thank you and thank you techpb and staff..