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Best speedball/airball field in CT

28 May 2010 - 03:46 PM

Okay so i'm done with college in Wisconsin and moving back to CT where I lived my whole life and i'm looking for a good Airball/speedball field to play at. I live in Newtown (near Danbury) and im looking for about an hour away max but if you have something further away feel free to throw that out.

These are the things i personally consider when rating a field
  • The actual field - Size, quality, maintence ect ect
  • Pricing - Bring your own paint? How much is a case? Do they offer a season pass?
  • Employee's - How are the ref's, saftey?, Attitude?)
  • Crowd - Can't play by yourself Posted Image
  • Pro Shop - what kind of store/pro shop do they have on sight
Those are just a few things that I consider when I decide if I like a field, so lets see what people think.... Where do you suggest I come stripe you up at Posted Image