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Dust Black CCM T2

24 July 2011 - 08:18 AM

Condition: 9/10
Color: Dust Black
Upgrades: ...you can upgrade a CCM? I have an extra pair of Hogue grips for it.
Known Problems: Small scratch at base of regulator (shown in pics, result of playing paintball...), small scratch on back block (also shown, result of the wrench slipping while tightening the screw)
Asking Price: $525 shipped
Shipping Options: USPS Priority or UPS (buyers choice)
Trades of interest: NONE. Please do not offer.
Location of item: Great Mills, MD U.S.A.
What is Included: Gun, barrel, 3 barrel sizers (.675, .681, .690), extra pair of Hogue Grips (not shown, but the same as anyone else's)

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Custom MOLLE Scenario Vest and Pouches - 56k Beware?

03 June 2011 - 04:21 PM

Up for sale here is my custom molle vest. Everything on this vest is made by Condor except the pod holders which are Valken. Also, everything on this vest is MOLLE, which means it is configurable however you'd like. This performed well for me at LL4 but I'm going for a lighter setup in the future.

Item: Custom MOLLE Vest and Pouches

Condition: Lightly used

Known Problems: Some paint splatter that I haven't tried very hard to get out. I may continue to try to clean it, but honestly, its not something that you probably won't get from playing with it a few times anyway. All the pouches, buckles, velcro, zippers, and straps are mint.

Asking Price: 125 shipped

Shipping Options: UPS ground included, if you wanted faster let me know and you'll pay extra

Trades of interest: NONE. DON'T OFFER OR I'LL VIEW IT AS SPAM AND REPORT YOU. I know that's harsh, and I'm sorry but people insist on offering things in threads that clearly state F/S only. Please don't (unless you want to trade me a BNIB Luxe straight out or something, in which case we'll talk ;))

Location of item: Great Mills MD

What is Included:
All purchased from Tac Gear Store except for Valken pod holders (retail prices shown below for comparison)
The vest with built in hydration pouch (bladder not included) 41.95
A Map pouch 16.95
A dual pistol mag pouch 8.55
A dual grenade pouch 11.55
A fold up dump pouch 10.55
An FRS radio pouch 7.95
A medium utility pouch 11.95
Modular side-kick pouch 14.95
Valken 3 pod molle holders x2 23$ each
Total cost new = $170.40 + shipping (+ assembly....a mild pain)

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FS ONLY Red Bob Long Vice + Wrap Around Grips + LPR Tester

14 April 2011 - 12:16 PM

Marker: Bob Long Vice

Condition: Very good

Color: Gloss Red with Gloss Black Parts

Upgrades: Dust Black Custom Products on/off ASA, Wrap around grips are installed using only 4 of the 6 screw holes (still almost perfectly functional, they don't move around at all)

Known Problems: Anodizing wear on the bottom of the regulator and on tip of barrel. Nothing out of the ordinary for a gun that has actually been used. Certainly nothing that affects the functionality of the gun.
Also, some wear on the feedneck lever from clamping. I don't have a picture, but this is the type of thing that you get from simply attaching a loader. Unless you don't tighten your loader down or you don't put on on, you'd have this sort of wear by the 3rd time you used it anyway.

Asking Price: 375 shipped

Shipping Options: Probably UPS Ground. If you want faster, you pay

Trades of interest: None except trades that are VERY OBVIOUSLY in my favor. I felt the need to spell that out. I'd be looking for something Geo2/Ego10/Luxe/Victory/G6r level. Basically, unless you NEED this gun and for some reason are so deperate that you are willing to trade me such a gun, I don't want the trade. DO NOT OFFER your ipods, psp's, low end guns, halo loaders, ect. I DO NOT WANT LOW END GUNS. I DON'T WANT YOUR OLD ELECTRONICS. If you post offering something other than cash offer or a gun trade that's highly in my favor, you will be reported as I will view this as trolling.

Location of item: Southern Maryland

What is Included: Gun and LPR Tester. I don't have the original ASA or original grips. 0.691 standard Bob Long 14" barrel.

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Wear on regulator:
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Wear on barrel tip
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Black (Ninja) Dye Rotor + Orange KM Spine Speedfeed

01 December 2010 - 06:22 PM

Item: All black Dye Rotor (lightly used) + NIB KM Spine Speedfeed

Condition: Loader 9.5/10: Small scratches on the feedneck from where the feedneck of the gun clamps down on it, and a few swirl marks (super light surface scratches) on the lid. This thing is almost brand new. The KM Spine speedfeed is brand new, still in its packaging.

Known Problems: None

Asking Price: 130+ shipping for both

Shipping Options: It's up to you

Trades of interest: 200 round prophecy noses could be worked into a trade, Phantoms with 45 frames/stock class feeds/vertical adapters, any of the custom freak inserts that are .680 or smaller could be in for a trade
PLEASE DON'T OFFER: low end electros, non-pb related stuff, other loaders. I'm not desperate to move this. I'm only looking for trades that I can't get elsewhere, really, such as the custom freak inserts.

Location of item: Maryland

What is Included: Rotor, original box, Dye sticker (since I know they are so important haha), 3 good duracell batteries, manual.

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Upp'ed Smart Parts EOS FS

01 December 2010 - 06:07 PM

Price lowered

Marker: Smart Parts EOS

Condition: Good. Everything is functional, but the paint is worn in some places as are the grips. This gun has been used for a few seasons but has nothing that affects it's performance.

Color: Black with silver and dust red parts

Upgrades: A lot:
CP Sling Trigger
CP rail On/Off ASA
TechT L7 bolt system
Virtue Redefined board
Green Virtue Laser Eyes
14" All American Freak Tip (much quieter than stock freak tip)
Custom Products short regulator
Smart Parts 360 QEV
Clamping feedneck and bolt-out-back (not really upgrades, they came stock on the gun, but they represent upgrades from the ion that the design of the gun is based on. The entire gun is aluminum, as well, including the trigger frame)
Dye gauge (upgrade?)

Known Problems: Cracked Smart Parts Gauge. Still works actually, but a brand new Dye gauge will be included. Otherwise, none.

Asking Price: 250 200 + shipping

Shipping Options: Your choice since you're paying for it

Trades of interest: Phantoms with 45 frames, stock class feeds, and vertical adapters. Really nothing else unless it's a gun trade highly in my favor. Please DON'T offer low end electros, mechs, snipers, pumps other than phantoms already described, non PB stuff, ect.

Location of item: Maryland

What is Included: Gun with all upgrades aforementioned, stock trigger, stock board, nearly complete 3x rebuild kit from OringMonkey, 3/4 full tube of Sl33k lube (Dow33), stock smart parts firebolt, stock firing chamber and sizing inserts, .693 freak insert

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