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WTB Monkey with a gun Headbands MWAG

09 September 2010 - 03:54 AM

WTB any monkey with a gun headbands, that are in fair condition not looking to spend more than $15 on a decent one shipped, as I can get them on ebay, for $20 shipped brand new, looking for any style, thanks in advance!

New Vodka

04 September 2010 - 04:19 AM

It's dirt cheap think around $9 a bottle and everyone around where I am from is going nuts for this crap right now it's sold out in every liquor store around, and that's alot of stores since we practically drink here for a living.

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Where to buy Techpb Jerseys, Barrel Graffiti

02 September 2010 - 04:43 AM

Hi first off would like to appologize if this post doesn't belong here, I wasn't sure where to stick it (the post silly).

Finally thanks to SuperSpartan617 giving me a great deal on a mini, my Girlfriend finally decided to give paintball a try. She likes the Techpb jerseys, I'm not sure where to buy them though, I tried the techpb store link but it just takes me to Mike's ebay page and it has no items listed atm. Do I go to Raza directly? Or is there somewhere on this forum i'm missing? Also I'm interested in some Techpb barrel Graffiti, where can I pick that up? Thanks in advance!

Need you guys help, Milsim kit for a 14yr old

30 August 2010 - 02:45 AM

Ok, I always talk paintball at work, got a handful to start playing regularly. The one guy I work with has a 14 year old son that wants to start playing. With his wife out of work he doesn't have a huge budget to spend (100-350 price range). He made up a list of some kits he found online, his son likes the Milsim style, I tried and tried to talk him into a speedball type marker with no luck. If he would go with a speedball marker I could probably put together a nice little kit, but I know crap about milsim guns, minus the sp1, and your older basic Tippmans. So please help.

1. Has to be Milsim
2. Needs everything to get started
3. Has to be new
4. Has to be within his budget $100-350

It's going to be for Christmas so no hurry thanks so much in advance.

Invert Halo Too - $70
Vforce Pro Vantage - $30
New if he can find it SP SP1 - $175
Ninja 48 3000 - $50
Squeegy - $5
Decent Pack $25
3 Pods $10

again I dunno about the new Tippmans or the Bt some come with hoppers? looks like the A5 X7 do are they good? Are the boards in those kinda Milsim guns decent?

Greg Hastings Tour of Duty

28 August 2010 - 05:53 AM

Ok this was a few weeks ago, I just got around to uploading some pictures from Greg's Tour of Duty 2010. He came to Patton, PA and set up a gaming booth, and a paintball exhibition at Rock Run for Fisher's ATV reunion. I want to start out by saying Greg, his brother Glenn, and Big Lou are all very down to earth, great people, about as nice as they come. Also, I need to add, the graphics for the game are AMAZING as good or on par with Modern Warfare, they must have been in a very early stage of development when they released that trailer, they really should update it, in the trailer it looks like PS1 graphics.

I got there early on so I got to just hang out with those guys, and the guys at The Urban Warzone who helped set everything up, for a few hours before anyone else showed up. Most of the people up there were there for the ATV stuff going on, so they would come over to the paintball section and were allowed to play for free for a few games to try it out, even the paint was free for them. Which is an amazing idea, you wouldn't believe how many people it got into the sport. Greg is definitely an icon, he goes out of his way to help new players like no other. He let anyone who asked try out his CCM T2, the gun has an amazingly smooth pull. Out of all the games we played that day he must have shot me out at least 5 times. But, I got some lucky angles, and managed to get him out 3, ya sorry got to brag, even though he was using a pump, the way he can shoot it feels like your getting hit with a semi-auto. One game in the day it was 12 people against him and he won, I can't make this stuff up, he's a great player.

Ok now if you didn't already skip the intro onto some pics

Here was the gamming booth they had setup for him, it was early so no one was there yet.
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The Rental booth for new player to try out paintball for there first time, completely free.
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Greg shooting his CCM T2
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CCM T2 again
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He was nice enough to let anyone shoot it, he told this kid to make a mean face first, anyway you get a shot of the field layout, that was setup out behind. The Urban Warzone built it, they had to use make shift stuff so it could be burned after the event.
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Greg helping out some new players, answering there questions, ect
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For awhile it was just him and me playing with newer players, he made a rule that I would only shoot him and he would only shoot me, and we would let the new people try to get each other out by coaching them, kid in the yellow jersey was on my team all day, think we got a future paintballer there for sure, his dad was mad cause he wouldn't go riding anymore just wanted to play paintball all day.
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Red and the media
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Me, Hastings, and some random Burley guy (that's what I will look like in a few years)
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Video of Greg playing/helping new people (not mine) SKIP TO :39 seconds

* Anyway it was a great little event, that was on friday, I'm sure alot more was going on Saturday and Sunday. We should have more events like this to let new people try the sport out for themselves with people coaching or taking a few hits(put away your pride), for the sake that you'll have people to play against in later years. Companys should seriously consider setting up free expo's out of the normal paintball world and take it to new players. I seen some dads that day have a blast playing with there sons and daughters. And buy the game, the graphics are great, the trailer ones are terrible but it must have still been in early beta.