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BYOP days gone

08 February 2014 - 11:10 AM

GTA Paintball: Defcon, Paintball City, Eastie Boyz, and Sgt. Splatters have all cancelled byop days... Maybe this is old news, maybe its not but it is definitely BULLSHIT. And we lost another great field, CQB, this winter.


Wanted to take my cousin out for some recball and they want him to pay $25 entry and $50-65 for hotbox. 


Edit: Looks like the only places worth going are Barrie, Vaughan, and Flagswipe.

Halves or Race-To?

27 December 2013 - 11:44 AM

Check out the pros opinion on this,




Edit: I think its pretty obvious...

Fields Around I would play at within 1.5 hours from Mississauga

17 November 2013 - 04:29 AM

Fields close to where I live ( within 1.5 hour drive). All prices are as per website. If I missed any fields please add them in.

Mississauga Fields:

1. Paintball Nation: BYOP days (Mon-Fri $25 admission)---RECBALL (Indoor)
2. Paintball City: Wed Pump & Pistol $40 admission, Sunday BYOP $25---RECBALL (Indoor)
3. Defcon: BYOP Wed and Sun $25 admission, 70 with case + admission---RECBALL (Indoor)

Toronto Fields:
1. CQB: Sunday BYOP 12pm-6pm $35 admission + 500 paintballs---Tactical/RECBALL (Outdoor)
2. Sgt. Splatters: BYOP $25 Wednesday 6pm-close, Sunday 9am-2pm (register by noon)- no draxxus or gi milsim paint***---RECBALL (Indoor) 
3. Eastie Boyz: memberships range from $200-300, BYOP range depending on membership from $15-25, air passes range from FREE-$10---Speedball (Indoor)

MISC Fields:
1. Vaughn Paintball: Summer only, BYOP everyday $30 no oil based paints, $65 includes admission + case---Speedball (Outdoor)
2. Barrie Paintball: (Barrie Paintball, 10th Line, Barrie, ON) BYOP 7 everyday Mon-Fri $30, Sat & Sun $35. Paint not available***----Speedball (Outdoor)
3. Flag Raiders (Cambridge & Kitchener): Wednesday 4-10pm BYOP $25 white fill only---Speedball (Indoor)

4. Flagswipe: Wed & Fri 6pm-10pm BYOP $30 admission. White fill only---Speedball (Indoor)




What do you think companies should focus on for making new markers?

15 November 2013 - 01:04 AM

We have been at the point for the last few years where any $400+ gun can shoot tournament grade paint at 300fps accurately and efficiently. Most markers are ergonomic, packaging is top notch (most companies), and a lot more markers are coming with barrel kits or multiple barrels as standard.


Do you think companies should focus more on making their markers more efficient? quieter? smoother? cheaper? easier to maintain? or any other focus?


Im interested to see what you all prefer,



Ego 11 vs BL Victory, Need some good advise

14 November 2013 - 12:14 AM

Hey guys, I've been out of paintball for about 2 years now. I sold my sick setup because the price was right and I was in University. Now I can finally get out again and I'm pumped. My issue is I was initially going to buy the ego 11 off ans for 900 but I've been doing some research and to be honest Im a simple guy and having the ego solenoid would drive me crazy. For some reason having the ability to adjust and tinker with shit always keeps me up at night. Do to this alone I've been looking into other markers. The BL Victory was one of markers that caught my eye. Ive never held one because my field seems to be all dyes and PE. My local store doesn't carry BL either so I'm SOL. I was hoping maybe to pick a vic up used. I like everything about it on paper and the simplicity. 


Haven't bought a tank yet so if I choose the Vic ill get the slp reg. Whats your honest opinion on these guns and which one would you prefer. Or is there another marker you would choose for around $750-1000 new or used. 


Thanks in advance guys, good to be back.