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In Topic: Official sticktodrum Productions Thread

10 January 2012 - 10:13 AM

hello all...where can i get one of those stickers...thanx in advance

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14 February 2011 - 07:45 PM

to all nyc ballers. if anyone is interested in coming back to the fields on thursday night to have "hi-tecs" night back at nycpb. please feel free to come and check it out. recently not alot of hi-tecs(people with their own equipment, etc) havent been coming here, and the people that do come cant play against walk ons(rentals) because 1) we have much more experience making the game not fair for them 2) one kid ruined the idea of walk ons with hi-tecs because he bonus-balled one rental under ten feet thus causing a fight that didnt end well. all im saying is everybody has their bad comments about nycpaintball because its dirty or no one plays or the refs are kids(which isn't necessarily a bad thing i mean teens need jobs too and nyc paintball doesnt exactly spell career as a ref, as a manager different story). we need to put all the bad vibes aside and take upon a new perspective about nycpb. so anyone ready to bring the life back into that place just try and come on thursday. if you are a kid 18 under there is 5 boroughs team practice on sunday if you are interested come in and ask for shay for more details(im not shay by the way).

thanks to all who will read this and hopefully will help bring back hi-tec night on thursday.

hey bro, hows it going...hows it been on thursday... im planning on coming down this thursday