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New Tippmann Crossover XVR

25 September 2013 - 04:13 PM



Tippmann is excited to introduce the XVR, a specially-enhanced version of the Crossover marker. 
The new XVR takes the Crossover performance to an entirely new level and was developed based on feedback and suggestions from speedball players worldwide. The result is an exciting new paintball marker with 10 new upgrades to enhance the performance, look and ease of maintenance. 
The new XVR will begin shipping on October  15th.  CLICK HERE to see all of the changes or to pre-order one now.

Tippmann Offers New Crossover Upgrade For Crossover Marker

03 April 2013 - 09:58 AM

Tippmann Offers New Trigger Upgrade for Crossover Marker

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Last year we launched the Crossover marker but this week we are excited to introduce an upgraded trigger for the marker, which provides a "lighter" and more responsive pull.

The newly-enhanced trigger was developed based on feedback from players looking for a lighter trigger pull in both electronic and mechanical mode. The new trigger will be integrated immediately into all new Crossover markers shipped from Tippmann's Fort Wayne facility. It is also now available to all Tippmann dealers as well as any player who already owns a Crossover. To secure a free upgrade kit, players simply need to visit Tippmann.com and click on the "Free Upgrade Kit" icon located on the homepage. (Note, to get to this page use this link Trigger Upgrade)

From Denny Tippmann:
"We lightened the weight of the trigger by over 65 percent. And, by doing that, we were able to decrease the trigger pull by 50 percent. The new trigger is factory set at 4 oz. and meets all ASTM standards. We think players are going to respond very favorably to this enhancement. It makes our popular Crossover even more responsive and easier to fire."

The new trigger has been tested by many top scenario and tournament teams, including the Tippmann Effect, who will be using the Crossover with the upgraded trigger in the upcoming NPPL event in Huntington Beach. Of course, Greg Hastings will also be playing the enhanced Crossover during this year's Tour of Duty.

We feel the enhanced trigger and our recently announced a lower price for the Crossover at $349 will now provide all players a great marker at a price that many can afford.

If any player wants the new trigger, simply fill out the form on this page. Trigger Upgrade

Tippmann Crossover Survey

13 March 2013 - 04:28 PM

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Last year Tippmann launched the Crossover marker – a lightweight, high performance tournament style electro-pneumatic marker designed to perform for all players regardless of conditions or style of play. Recently we announced that the price of the Crossover has dropped to $349 –making the industry-leading technology even more accessible to players everywhere.

We lowered the price because we know there are a lot of choices in the market and we simply wanted to be more aggressive in the $300 -$400 category to get more players to play the Crossover. This is a big move by Tippmann but we believe it will be good for players and help the industry as we drive more traffic to our dealers.

As part of this big move we need your input. Click the link below and give us your input on the Crossover. This survey is open to any players who have seen, played or heard about the Crossover. This is a short survey that will only take a few minutes to complete. Just for completing the survey you will be entered in a draw to win $100 from the Tippmann online store. The draw will take place this Friday, so you need to get your comments in now.

To complete the survey goto http://bit.ly/CrossoverSurvey

Thank you.

Crossover has been named “Marker of the Year” by Action Pursuit Games Magazine

10 October 2012 - 02:19 PM

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The Crossover has been named "Marker of the Year" by Action Pursuit Games Magazine. This designation was established to recognize the most innovative new paintball products launched in 2012. The Crossover is one of just three products to be recognized this year and the only electro-pneumatic paintball marker in the group. Tippmann is also introducing a new demo program for the Crossover, which allows players a chance to try the marker prior to purchasing. A list of participating demo paintball dealers is coming soon. To read all the details, check out the Tippmann Blog at http://bit.ly/MarkerOfTheYear.