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Zombie Paintball Event Turns Deadly

12 October 2014 - 08:15 PM

Be careful out there ladies and gents.


Original story:




HAUSER, Idaho (AP) — A bus carrying paintball players struck and killed a Washington state man inside a zombie attraction at a corn maze in northern Idaho, authorities said Saturday.

Jeremy T. McSpadden Jr., 18, of Spokane Valley, Washington, was a role player in the "Zombie Slayer Paintball Bus" attraction at the Incredible Corn Maze in Hauser on Friday night, the Kootenai County Sheriff's Office said. Dressed as a zombie, he emerged from his hiding place and ran toward the modified school bus, but he tripped and fell in front of the rear passenger-side tires, witnesses reported.

He was run over and apparently killed instantly. Because of the uneven terrain of the corn maze, the bus frequently rocks, and the occupants did not immediately notice what had happened, investigators said.

"It was not until the bus had traveled away from the victim's location and the role players began to reset for the next bus to come along that anyone realized something was wrong," the sheriff's office said in a news release.

The attraction is new this season, according to the corn maze's website. For $15, customers ride the bus, which has paintball guns mounted outside the windows, and shoot at the zombies as the vehicle drives through the corn maze.

The bus was going forward, and neither speed nor alcohol was a factor, Sgt. Ward Crawford said.

"The focus of the attraction is the bus creeps forward so the customers have plenty of opportunity to blast away at the zombies," Crawford said. "This looks like it was just a horrific confluence of events."

A recording on the corn maze's information line Saturday morning said, "We are sad to announce that all of the attractions, including the free drive-in movie, will be canceled for the remainder of the weekend."

A message left seeking further comment was not immediately returned.

Hauser is near the Washington border east of Spokane.


Keep all comments civil and respectable.

Exalt Carbon Case - Lens Case

17 September 2014 - 09:07 PM


clear1x1.gif The Exalt Universal Lens Case has arrived--the first installment of the Exalt Carbon Case series, our new lens is an affordable, versatile protective travel case for your spare lenses that is both highly functional and stylish. This case protects nearly any goggle lens from dings and scratches and from getting smashed during transport.



Looks like it comes in two prices and colors, Green highlighted for 30$, Black for 25$.




Maybe its time my JT case gets retired, sorry Kevin!

Kush Nation Armory Rocket Review

27 May 2014 - 09:33 PM

I don't write reviews often so I hope this helps any of you who were in question of this product, good or bad, I'm honest.


Well, I got into owning a launcher about a year and a half ago and so far it's been a pretty fun albeit expensive ride.  About the time I started getting into it, of course, pocket nerfs pretty much fell off the map.  Supply dried up all around except small little hold outs.  In my area it was impossible to find them anywhere but online.


Enter Kush Nation Armory (KNA), a small start up, by rocketeers, for rocketeers.  These guys aren't your average multi-million dollar company. Hell, I bought my rockets out of the back of a vehicle.  But you know what?  The main man, Tim, shook my hand and thanked me multiple times. A plus in my book.  Faces behind products work better than an IP address and a paypal transaction.


But I digress, I'm not a PR firm, I'm a player, lets see a little review.



Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the box they came in but I'll explain.  Anyone whos followed them on Facebook will have seen a picture like such:




Guess what, thats what you get.  It's not pretty packaging, and its not meant to be.  The rockets are cheaper because package is spared.  We'll get to cost later.  The box I got contained 100 rockets, all seperated in their layers.  Personally, I was impressed, but I knew what to expect going in.




White, plain white.  Not my favorite color and while there are some colors shown on Facebook, my only choice was white.  I'd assume more colors will become available as stock builds or if more capital is put into the business (that means us ballers, not them).  They have shown reddish rockets at booths.


Facebook - Gloss Photo



My Rocket:



You can see with my extremely nice glossy finish on my countertop that the finish on the rocket itself is quite matte compared to the picture online from Facebook.

EDIT:  Please be aware the gloss photo shown above is a KR2 rocket.  The film is the difference between a matte KR1 rocket and a glossy KR2 rocket.  I only shot KR1 rockets for this review.


Hasbro's Nerf Comparisons:


On top, obviously a well used Nerf Pocket Football.  Below, an unused KNA KR1 Rocket.





Here's a side by side shot.  This one particularily shows my favorite part of the KNA rockets.  You don't have to trim the fins!!!  Nerf's must be trimmed to fit into a Metadyne or else the fin will curl and deform.  With KNA rockets you do not have to do this.  I know I've trimmed some nerfs differently than others and it seems to make a difference.  Some are shorter, others aren't.  Hell, I've even done it on the same rocket.  Oops.  KNA beats Nerf out on this completely.


It may look like it but the fins on the KNA rocket, when bought, were completely straight.  In the pictures they look distorted but thats what you get in a bag on a thousand mile trip from Living Legends.  They got a little curled from being packed into a bag with 100 more rockets.


Writeability (is that a word?):  One thing which sucks about rockets.  I may be just looking for things to complain about here, but I hate writing my name on every one of em.  I have to give Nerfs the nod on this one.  KNA rockets almost seem to have a "grain" to them.  It's hard to write in a certain direction.  Hard to explain without doing it yourself.  Overall not a big deal, just a peeve of mine even though I only have to do it once per rocket.




I feel both are equally as durable.  Nerfs have been on the market for years, they have things figured out or they wouldn't be selling.  KNA rockets are also great.  I shot them into buildings in Bedlam at CPX Sports,  I shot them into tanks, into bunkers, into trees (ya I was trying, OK maybe not), and they all survived (except one).  One rocket out of 100 blew up on me.  The spine popped out of the "bulb" or whatever you want to call it.  I've blown up Nerf's before and that hurts worse than seeing one of these go.  Honestly, I was impressed. 

You generally lose more rockets from them not being picked up by refs or yourself.  The spines are great.


Another notice - right by the bulb and spine contact point the foam was a little rough.  Unlike a Nerf which looks like its nearly sealed, the KNA rocket looked like the foam mold was either incomplete or maybe had some shrinkage or heat issues.  Seems to be only cosmetic, I'm not worried about it.






First thing - The bulb is slightly larger than the Nerf rockets.  This allows for a slight underbore on my Metadyne.  I love this personally.  With some Nerf's I've noticed they are quite a bit smaller than my Metadyne and if you lower the barrel they will "roll out".  Time for some detents!


KNA wins out on the bulb size.


Flight characteristics on the KR1 Rockets are similar to Nerfs.  There's really not much to say.  The designs are meant to be nearly identical.  You'll get an occasional random flyer but then I get them with Nerfs as well.  Could be due to small differences in fin contact with the barrel.  When you unleash a launcher's valve its not quite as exact as a marker.  It never will be.


This review isn't about anything fancy like the KR1.5's or modified Nerfs.


Cost - Not sure if I'm allowed to post this but if need be I'll remove it.  I got the price simply by emailing Tim at KNA via his work email and I assume price will remain constant unless the market says otherwise.  I've included pricing and availability of all KNA products.


KR1 Rockets - Case of 100 rockets = 200$ USD.  I was told this was a shipped price, but again I picked mine up in person.

KR1.5 Rockets (modified fins) - Case of 100 rockets = 250$ USD

KR2 Rockets (Gloss film) - Not yet released, but unveiled at PBE

KR2.5 Rockets (Gloss film and modified fins) - Not yet released, but unveiled at PBE

KR3 Rockets (Gloss film and Blazer Fletching ILO standard fins) - Not yet released, but unveiled at PBE


Cost comparison to Nerf Pocket Vortex


Amazon Price - 5.14$ USD, cheapest

Ebay Price - 6.50$ USD, cheapest


I have no location of ToysRUs or other stores around me, sorry guys.




Would I suggest the KNA Rockets to others?  Yes, thats it.  My reasons are stated above.  They are a cheaper (costwise) alternative to Nerfs, but they perform similarily.  I WILL buy more when needed.


For those curious:




Flight Comparisons of Rockets:



LL7 Media Thread

19 May 2014 - 08:28 PM

If you guys know of any photographers or videographers at the event please feel free to link to albums or pages.  Whether its on Facebook, PBN, MCB or other sites.


Individual pictures you find are also very welcome, naturally, but any picture must remain complete, this includes any possible trademarks or watermarks by the owner. 


I've seen a few around but link away so we only have one thread containing on this info.  Please note - not all these sites are updated.  Be patient and let the owners edit and upload. ;)

Fluffy Ninja - via Facebook


Album 1


Album 2



Inspire Photography - via Facebook




KDZ Photography - via Facebook




FN13 Media Productions - via Facebook




Doris's Photos - via Facebook




JOZ Photography - via Facebook




PaintballPhotography.com - via Facebook




AA Photography - via Facebook




Paintcheck Photography - via Facebook




DAB Photo - via http://www.davidaberdingphoto.com/

1st day of the season

10 May 2014 - 09:45 PM

Finally made it back to the field today for the first time since August, and you know what?  It felt amazing.


For a couple years my local field was stale.  The original owner passed away, he was an amazing guy who ran a field by paintballers, for ballers.  It was more of a hobby to him, which probably made it so nice.  Got the call from a buddy that he was taking a group out to the field so I decided to check it out after a couple years of not making it out there.

Pulled into the lot and immediately noticed about 30 cars including one huge rental van for parties.  Picked up a case of paint and a season pass for 100$, case was 50$ after buying the pass, which I thought was great.  Fresh skid of Marbs, fantastic.  Got my G6R tuned to perfection in minutes and even brought out my Metadyne Havoc for the hell of it.  Put all my rockets through that and got it all ready for Living Legends.

While I'm doing that, a little guy comes up to me, no hesitation and asks to shoot my gear since his was having some issues.  I let him burn a hopper and he moves off the field with a big smile on his face.  Got some compliments from his Dad and Grandpa.  Both very impressed by what I did.  You know what, I was moved.  In all honesty IT FELT GOOD.  Treat the new players with some kindness guys, they are the future of this sport.  Keep em in it, engage em, don't treat them like toddlers.  Treat them with the respect of an adult.

After about a half hour of fiddling and such I get all my gear on.  I walk up to my buddys group of guys, most of whom have never played ball.  They start asking about my marker and if I'd turn it down.  I set it up at 6 bps semi.  We go out and play a few gametypes.  This field has approx 10 different courses.  First one we do is an Alamo style defense against another bachelor party.  I got to take the charge of going inside the main building after clearing out two defenders.  I cleared 4 more inside but ended up getting hit by one and traded out.  I was cool with it, we ended up losing the game due to time but I was hooked again!

After doing 8 more rec games with the guys including a few on a field they call Diamond I ended up leaving the field with a bunch of new friends.  The Diamond field is approx 150 ft long but only about 50 wide.  8 ft tall Diamond shaped wood bunkers (if looking down from the sky) staggered around, symmetricaly make for some great games.  No other bunker style exists on the field and there's no peering over, just around "corners".  Absolute insanity.

I see a lot of posts about people quitting, leaving the sport, and such but you know what I don't see many about positive days out on the field so I figured I'd share.  Due to personaly things and also a dreaded paintball nightmare, Winter, I'm not able to play as much as I'd like but I think the gap in play helps.  It makes me appreciate the game, the time, and the grind on the field when I do get out.  Take breaks guys, if it's starting to run you down, step back.  Regain the excitement.

Anyways that's it for my rambling.  I can't wait to get down to Chicago for Legends next week.  I'll be there Friday through Sunday night.  Say hi, steal a hug, buy me a beer, hell I don't care.  We're all friends.  Cheers.