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Converting trilogy sport into pump?

04 December 2014 - 03:10 AM

So im looking all around the net for a pump kit for this trilogy but I cant find ANY in stock. The only thing i can find is the Pre 2k adapter for the pump rod, but I cant find a cocking rod for it.


Anyone know what I can do to make this cheap thing into a pump?

That pass though

26 January 2014 - 05:00 PM

So this happened to me, not fun getting my butt kicked lol


My Senior Issue

16 January 2014 - 08:08 PM

So im a 17 year old Senior in high school and in my 11th grade year i became truant. I live in the great state of Georgia and the law is if you miss 10 days of school you cant get your license till you graduate. WELL i missed 14 days not knowing the consequence because I was DUMB and they are suppose to send a letter when you skip 3 days, 5 days, 8 days and the big 10 day letter. One day I come home and get all letters at once at the end of the year. They basically screwed me and have ruined my last year in highschool.


Some of you are wondering why i missed 14 days, the reason was my drunk unemployed father would not take me to school some days and at some point just completely stopped. So i had to ride the bus.......without knowing the time it came, I eventually figured it out after a couple days but by then it was to late i guess. Some days I didnt go to school because of depression, my parents used to fight constantly every night (and of course they were drunk).


But what made it worse is we didnt know I couldnt get my license and I was one of the few chosen to do the work based learning program. The program let me out of school early to go to work, so my grandparents gave me a early birthday present of a 96 camry Le. So of course we go to the school to get my attendence record to get my license, the lady refused to sign it because of my truancy last year. So I wasted my grandparents money and my time and couldnt get a job because I have no transportation to work. I now cant attend my senior prom, I cant work, I cant go to college imeadiatly, I cant even go buy myself some mcdonalds.


I accepted the fact a while ago but after what I have been through I know this is a cruel punishment. Ive had to walk 6.5 miles to school 5 times because ive missed the bus and if i miss any days can be sent to jail. Ive walked from my house to others houses as far as 8 miles just to hang out and have fun with friends because i do not have a ride, its not fun at all and takes a fuck ton of time. I then got a bike, well I leant it to a friend and he would give me $10 so he could get to work. It worked out smooth for about 2 months until he came with a $20 and said the bike had been stolen. So im broke, have no job, and have to walk again!



Well I want your opinions on if the law is broken or not, because it has basically ruined my life as of july 2013. I cant get my license but a 16 year old with less experience and failing grades can, I mean wtf!