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Huge gearbag sale, perfect for the adult or larger kid getting into pb

10 July 2010 - 11:55 PM

Attached File  IMGP3867.JPG   63.43KB   66 downloadsAttached File  IMGP3866.JPG   59.37KB   75 downloadsAttached File  IMGP3865.JPG   65.5KB   82 downloadsAttached File  IMGP3864.JPG   64.65KB   79 downloadsAttached File  IMGP3863.JPG   67.17KB   81 downloadsAttached File  IMGP3861.JPG   59.99KB   75 downloadsAttached File  IMGP3860.JPG   62.85KB   48 downloads

Ok.... so a couple months back i decided to get back into PB after 10 years and after asking some questions on this site, i dove right in. I didn't do my research on the area and to make a long story short, it was a really crappy scene around here and i'd have to drive a LONG way to a real PB field. So i have all the gear here that anybody would ever need and all I needed was a gun and I never purchased one. I got all this gear from a guy getting out of the sport and from what a local shop and he told me, he hardly even used it.

Now I dont want to waste my time itemizing every single flaw, but if you have a dire need for a pic or 2, i'll have no problem in accommodating you. Reason being is that I'm really busy and would rather give it away than sell it piece by piece. You will never be able to assemble a gearbag like this for the price i'm asking so please NO HAGGLING, NO TRADING and did i mention NO HAGGLING? Dont read the last sentence and think im not a nice guy because I am, but all other offers will be seen as utterly disrespectful.

Not to be like someone on pbnation making there own rules, but i do have some that i'd like you to respect.

1. Again no haggling
2. Must be 18 to purchase (or have verbal consent with me over the phone from 'rents)
3. All Items are sold as one!! If you want to part it out, buy my gearbag and sell off what you dont need.

thats about it for now...oh my batteries went dead in my camera so i will be posting up the proper tech PB format pic in just a few

Oh and i do want to say to Mike that if you read this, i really enjoyed my stay here and you definitely have the best PB website. I had tons of fun watching your videos.

First 160.00 gets IT!! +shipping of choice

Tank size: 48ci w/ red dye rhino tank cover
Tank / Reg manufacturer: cp tank, myth reg
Reg HP or LP:HP
Condition: used
Born date: 03/07
Re-test date: 03/12
Area Stamps: ?
Known Problems: none

Barrel: Dye UL
Bore size(s): .688
Color and finish:Red/chrome
Barrel/tip length:14
One or Two Piece: 2
Known Problems: none

For Clothing

Item: x3 PE jerseys one proto sleeveless
Condition: proto sleeveless used, PE blue camo used, PE skull and hurricanes replica jerseys, new
Size:all XL
Known Problems: none

For Hoppers, Loaders, and accesories, Mask, Miscellaneous

Item: Headgear (Black/Blue pinup girl sandana, camo dye sandana, OLD SCHOOL PBJunkies sock hat (this one was mine from 10 years ago)
Condition: 9/10
Known Problems: none

Item: Dye I3 mask (looks just like the new proto axis)
Condition: used
Known Problems: none

Item:empire 3+4 pod pack (with 5 pods)
Condition: 9.99/10 I honestly cant find wear on the pack, I'm almost sure he used it but i cant tell
Known Problems: none

Item: PE elbow/ forearm guards
Condition: 9/10
Known Problems: none

Item: 10 year old Viewloader revolution red/black(yes this was mine)
Condition: i dunno, dont have batteries to test. board was upgraded back then
Known Problems: wish i could tell ya, i dont see why it wouldnt work but this is kinda a freebie

Item: Black Dye I7 pants LG
Condition: awesome, def a 9.5 out of 10. i dont really think this guy really "played" when he played
Known Problems: none

Item: PE Gloves
Condition: 7/10
Known Problems: none, just used and a little dirty

Item: Contract Killers Gear Bag
Condition: 8/10
Known Problems: none works fine

and 1 used barrel swab!

Places to play?

18 May 2010 - 01:32 AM

Okay, so after this past weekend it marks the third time that I've been to a field and nobody was there to play. We have 2 fields here close to Macon and for whatever freaking reason, nobody plays on Saturdays. I mean these fields have nice equipment and its not like I'm in the middle of nowhere either...It's like a totally different culture down here. Basically, I'm assuming, that since most teams practice down here on Sundays, if Saturday rec-ballers dont show up, then they close early without any warning. Now with deductive reasoning, you can see by now that I work on Sundays.. It wouldnt be a problem necessarily to go hit the field before work but as i was told by a member of one of the fields that the air-ball field is basically off limits during team practice.

Long story short... I sold my AR-15 to a air-force guy getting out of the sport in exchange for all his old pb gear (all i need now is a gun and hopper) and right now I almost wish i hadn't because I have no place to play..there is a field outside Atlanta thats about an hour and a half away from me that sees over 100players per Saturday and from what I read, is a very professional operation. I mean for ONCE in my life I can finally afford the most expensive gun that money could buy (not like i necessarily want that, i'll most likely get an etek) but cant find a soul to even 1 on 1 with.

Does everyone else have this problem?? How far do you have to drive to a good field??

Red/ Chrome Dye UL

05 May 2010 - 12:34 AM

Barrel: Dye UL
Bore size(s): according to my dial caliper appx .688
Condition: 9/10
Color and finish: red anno back with smoke grey that fades to chrome front
Barrel/tip length: 14''
Threads: Autococker
One or Two Piece: 2
Known Problems: none, bore is perfect ..as with all barrels the anno wears on the threads
Asking Price: 55 shipped. please dont offer lower as i never jack up prices just to see how much i can get
Shipping Options: we'll discuss insurance if you want it
Trades of interest: knee pads, rotor, shaft 3 kit
Location of item: Macon, GA
What is Included: what you see![attachment=6588:IMGP3791.JPG]

What gun should I buy?

04 May 2010 - 01:41 AM

Hey, i've been out of PB for about 8 years and i assumed everybody would be rocking an lcd angel or a shocker like it was back then....over the last 2 months, i've learned that that assumption couldnt be further from the truth..hell the only thing i wanted from Dye back then was sticky grips for my 1st gen impulse and planet eclipse was too new at that time for me to know about.

I've got all my gear, the only thing holding me back is the marker... Yeah i could buy an NT or an SLS and would if i really thought they were worth it.. everything these days is definitely lighter and more efficient than the guns i used to use in tournies but damn there's alot of gimmicky crap; especially on high end markers!

A local shop here has sold me pretty much to PE products...so heres my train of thought SLS...pretty gun but not as pretty as most of the ego 10's and I dont see how 3 different bolts and a usb connection on a PCB are really going to matter. Now if i cared i could just buy and ego10 and if i wanted those parts, i'd add them later but probably not. Then theres an ego 10.. pretty but looks a helluva lot like an etek 3 but with better colors..i think they're more efficient but are they such a smooth shooting gun that they're worth twice as much as an etek 3??? Ive seen videos and they both shoot awesome..and as far as eteks go, i know i'll get the lt because it makes no sense to pay 100.00 more just so you'll be able to upgrade the board.

Do people buy high end guns to just show off or are they really...i mean really that much better? The only gun i left out is the geo and i dont know much about how it compares but i'd definitely be open to buying one.

So guys, i guess what i'm asking is please just sell me on something..i would like some first hand experience reviews, i dont care about what you've read about or what people have told you, i just want honest personal opinions...and if you think the SLS is worth it, by all means give me the sales pitch. I'll take all of your reviews into consideration.

thanks for letting me rant,
I appreciate all of your input!