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In Topic: Lurker Paragon

10 May 2014 - 10:34 PM

My only gripe, (because I don't understand the fancy words,) is the fore grip. It looks kinda ugly IMO. Also, it looks like a gsl on a diet. A little too thin for my preference. I wonder how efficient it is...

That's going to be a lot of people's gripes I can imagine.  I have no doubt the reliability, shot quality, and efficiency are going to nothing short of incredible.  The only reason it won't sell like a luxe is because it doesn't look like one.  


It's thin because it's only 1 lb 9 oz.


If I were them I would redesign the fore grip and back cap of the marker, make those look more aesthetic and they have the potential to ruin luxe's 6 year dominance streak.

In Topic: Barrel Advice

10 May 2014 - 12:05 AM

If a new loader is necessary? How do you guys think a loader isn't essential? I'd rather play with a 48/3000 on a piranha with a good loader than a DM13 and a shake and shoot.....

He'll know if he needs a force fed loader. I played with a shake n shoot for a while. It's fun and challenging rather than dumping paint on noobs.  It's only a bitch on a speedball field with an electro gun where its really necessary imo.  It sounds like he's in the woods where he doesn't need fast bps


Force feed loaders are definitely an upgrade, but until you get to a double finger trigger, it's not super necessary. That being said, it's still probably the best thing he could add to his setup.  And please note, halo rip drives perform just as good as spires and rotors, just don't look as cool or have a really low profile.  He'll be set in the woods with what he has. If he decides to start getting into speedball or being able to destroy noobs in the woods, he can make another thread about guns and tanks (assuming he still bought that halo).



In Topic: Fair or Foul play?

09 May 2014 - 01:06 AM

In speedball that wouldn't be gray area at all.  Keep playing even though the ref is checking you, it's his job to get out of your way providing you don't sprint down the field and avoid him entirely.  If you are hit, its a penalty so its not like you are playing on without consequence (except maybe in recball, then its just a late out).  If you aren't hit and you are still getting checked, its his win for bunkering a tunnel visioned you!


Second one is also fair, its tougher for him to get the paint from where he is and it's more fun than just walking off, for him and the other team despite the end result.

In Topic: Barrel Advice

08 May 2014 - 08:00 PM

He doesn't need a pinokio or a spire, those are the same price as his gun lol.  He doesn't need a new barrel, he won't see any noticeable difference but a placebo effect. 


Sounds like he's got about $100 on that gift card to this pb site if he's looking at a barrel and loader.


If a new loader is necessary, invert "Too"s and Halo's are going for sub $70.  Spend the rest on a new thermal lens for your mask or anything soft goods related. In reality after you have N2 air, a force fed loader and a gun you are happy with, it can't be dramatically upgraded by any means (besides cleaning it, constantly).  However playing in nicer gear goes a long way to how good ya feel when you're out there.  

In Topic: Lurker Paragon

08 May 2014 - 05:35 PM

I should have corrected myself. Any marker shooting sub 100 psi is a weiner.