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In Topic: My experience with shop4paintball.com

21 May 2011 - 08:38 AM

We're sorry you had a bad experience with our store. We take pride in having the best customer service anywhere so we thought we should clarify a few things:

1. We have phone records showing that we called your phone at 9:56 AM EST and 2:13 PM EST on 5/3/2011 so it did not take a week to call you. You placed the order at 6:04 PM on 5/2/2011 so it was the next business day we called you.
2. The credit card used the first time was rejected because the address did not match with the bank and then Paypal was used. The address on Paypal was not confirmed so a red flag was set that this could be fraudulent. There is so much fraud online now that we check everything out like this especially when it's a $400.00+ order.
3. If you had such a bad experience, why did you call back 3 weeks later and want to place the order? Why did you actually place the order again with us? The order went through fine this time with a Confirmed Paypal address and it's on it's way to Canada. If that would've happened the first time then the marker would've been shipped out right away and you would be a happy customer. We did not have to contact you this time since the payment information was fine.
4. USPS is who we use to ship to Canada and the standard shipping does take 6-10 business days so expect your order from us the first week of June.
5. If you ever have any concerns with our Customer Service, please call us at 888-719-6212 and speak to the owner, Michael. He is more than willing to discuss matters like this and will help out.

In Topic: New Virtue Glint Lens Cleaner and Protectant

24 February 2011 - 04:49 PM

$17 for 250ml (8 ounces or so) = Ripoff

Buy a new lens

We'll send you a free bottle if you send us your mailing address. That way you can give us your feedback on how it performs!

In Topic: GoG Paintball Blackheart Board Upgrade MSRP / MAP Price

26 January 2011 - 08:40 AM

We verified yesterday with GoG Paintball that the Blackheart Upgrade Board for the G1 and Envy will be $64.95.

The Blackheart Upgrade Board for the SP1 and Vibe will remain at $99 because of the Breech upgrade.