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In Topic: North Carolina Ballers Club

31 August 2010 - 06:05 PM

Going to be playing at Boss (most likely) this Sunday with a group of friends, dunno if others are planning to play this Labor day weekend.

In Topic: North Carolina Ballers Club

17 August 2010 - 12:20 AM

And jake would you be intrested in selling that Sl66?

That was fast ;), honestly not yet. I got to play with it Sunday when I went out to Boss, which is an awesome place if you like woodsball. Refs are great and staff is awesome. I'm a Hyper and air ball kind of guy but the woodsball action was a blast. Anyways back to the Sl66, probably going to be a while before I decide to sell it. I'm most likely going to sell my PMR to my friend that really wants it and stick with the SL66, didn't realize I would like poppit guns so much. Only thing I need to do before I sell the PMR is take the SL out for a day of speedball play before I make me decision final. But when I do decide to sell it I'll let you know.  

In Topic: North Carolina Ballers Club

11 August 2010 - 10:43 PM

Sweet, got an invite from Backman (Jared).

Usually check out these forums every 2-3 days, PC decided to log me out and I didn't realize it.

Anyways to the important stuff, names Jake (clearly), years of sim racing with your real name, I don't see the point of nicknames anymore.

My current set up(s):

Proto Matrix Rail SE Camo (08) UL'ed w/ cp on/off
Planet Eclipse Ego Sl66 XSV - Krypton Ice (Recently acquired)
68 and 70ci, 4500psi tanks
Halo B and a Eggy II as backup
JT Proteus w/ Prism Blue Lens

Also have a Ion w/ Blackheart, Tippmann 98 Custom and a Armotech WG-4 (M4 look like).

Just getting back into the sport after a 3 year break, only played PBC - Rock Hill, recently. I've been out to Carolina Paintball out in China Grove acouple times but both times I was the only one there ;( aside from the refs. Shame, fields are in good shape and it's alot closer then PBC. Thinking about joining the WCK club for PBC, about the only way to make their parks affordable as long as you go more then twice a month.

Looking forward to hopefully meeting some of you,

Jake W.

In Topic: will this trigger fit a ul pmr frame?

17 July 2010 - 12:48 PM

Cutiestar, did you ever try out the ironman trigger? Did it it fit? Seems to be a lot of conflicting opinions of whether it will (fit the pmr ul frame) or not.

^^^This, I'm curious as well.

In Topic: which marker and fields

12 July 2010 - 09:00 AM

I take it your using Nitrogen or compressed air as both the SLG and the G4 are not CO2 friendly I'd imagine (not sure). As for which marker? I believe most people are going to tell you to go with the G4, the SLG's have a bit of a rap for having issues but on the other hand, the G4 hasn't been out long enough for any consistent problems to arise. I wouldn't exclude the G3 Spec-R either, I believe the price has dropped to make way for the G4's.

As for field locations, you would probably have better luck asking in the Arizona Subforum. But google is your friend here. Vanguard Paintball & Airsoft is your local 'Pro' shop and I take it that's the who runs the field you play at. Ask the store employee's, I'm sure they know where some more paintball fields are at within an hour or so from you.