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In Topic: FEB 4 & 5 - Viper's "Texas Triple Threat" near Austin, TX

26 December 2011 - 03:05 AM

Go blue for the win.


In Topic: Boots

25 December 2011 - 09:11 PM

The issue I had (with Converse Tactical boots) was separation of the sole from the boot

This has been my experience also. I have had two pairs, one in desert tan and one in black. After relatively little wear, the soles delaminated. I reattached them with Gorilla Glue and they are holding for now, but I don't wear these much. The black ones are just wearing quickly with parts of the uppers coming apart at the stitching. They are comfortable, but mine have not held up well.

I tried on a pair of Nike SFB's, but they were not comfortable. This was disappointing because I usually prefer Nike products over Underarmour.

I am now running in tan Underarmour Valsetz. Wow, these are fantastic. They fit extremely well (snug but accommodating to foot movement) and give good ankle support despite being VERY light. I have not had them wet to see how they dry, but with the materials used I suspect they will dry quickly. These truly feel like sneakers with 8" tops, unlike the Nikes which just did not have as good a feel. Mine ran $110.00 with no charge for shipping.

Honorable mention goes to Danner Kinetics, a newer boot. Unlike the Valsetzs, the Kinetics do meet specs for military wear. They were almost as light as the Valsetzs and were almost as comfortable. They ran about $120.00.

In Topic: herp milsim sucks derp

25 December 2011 - 06:45 PM

Who said milsim has to add to a marker? Below is one of my milsim markers. I am working on one that is a bit smaller, lighter, and more compact. It won't be as efficient as an Ego, but if I am going for efficiency I would go with one of my Vikings anyway.

Posted Image

I have grown to really like the Cyclone on the side instead of a hopper perched on top. I think that is what others have been posting about. The balance is subjectively better for me. So much so, the last marker I bought is a TM7 which will soon have a Rip Clip attached.


In Topic: OK D-Day 2011

09 March 2011 - 09:09 PM

I am going German special forces again.


In Topic: DDayAdventurePark FORUM is NO MORE!!

07 March 2011 - 06:47 PM

Well The D-Day board is down again, and Druid, to the original post you made, the reason more Germans were in mod control and what have you was because they were the side that had people that knew how to build a website, and run forums. TA is pretty well running the show as far as admins go and he's about as fair as far as Axis v. Allies goes.

This is just an update. The D-Day board at www.ddayadventurepark.com/forums is back up and has been up for a while. Also up is www.axiscommand.net. Texas Ace is a mod and is well-balanced. The Germans who were mods previously left the game and "turned the keys back over to the management" when they moved on.