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Ironman NT

21 March 2011 - 12:35 AM

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- Dont lowball me, accompanied but a polite GTFO
- U came to my thread, YOU ship first regardless of feedback (TechPB Playerclub members exempt, i this case I ship first)
- Also, tell me how much ur adding, i hate the "you tell me" game
- My gun works, u will too
- I send pics of my product before i ship, if anything happens b/c of shipping its not my problem (that's what insurance is for)
- Once we agree on something, thats it. NO RE-NEGOTIATION !!!
- Cover your own shipping unless our deal states otherwise
- All offers will be made public
- All deals will be made final in the public thread
- The gun is yours when i say so, until then it's up the best offer
- By posting u agree to these rules

Marker: LA Ironman NT

Condition: LNIB 9/10 - hairline scratch (shown in pic 4, over the reg)

Color: Ironman Anno

Upgrades: Virtue board

Known Problems: None.

Asking Price: $1000 obo

Shipping Options: ups, fedex, canada post. Service is whatever u wanna pay for.

Trades of interest:
- ego10/11's
- geo 2's
- I may consider a luxe trade if it looks sweet and comes with a chunk of cash.
- Anything that is not what is above is adding 500 minimum .... PERIOD!!!

Location of item: Toronto, Canada

What is Included: case, manual, virtue board w/ manual, small parts, bolt spacers w/ red/blue flow tips, multi-tool, blank warrenty card, lube, and a gloss black UL.

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i'll get better pics once my rents are home from Florida with the good camera. These just dont do it justice.

Twiitchy's Gun History

08 August 2010 - 08:40 PM

These are all of my guns from when i started to present. I own all of these makers currently except the Droid, Clone, Geo and SLs. Enough talk on to the eye candy!

Tippmann a5 m4 SIR (Started off bone stock and I finished it in March of this year)

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Macdev Droid

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Planet Eclipse Ego SL8R

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Planet Eclipse Ego8

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Planet Eclipse Ego8

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Planet Eclipse Geo

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Macdev Clone

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Planet Eclipse SL94

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Planet Eclipse SLs

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Dye Lasoya DM8

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Dye NT

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DLX Luxe

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Feel Free to comment.

Miami Rage Droid

25 May 2010 - 08:21 PM


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This is for the Mods:
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