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frequent barrel breaks using different barrels etek4

24 March 2014 - 02:35 PM

Let me explain the whole story...


got an etek 4 for xmas, used it on the field one winter weekend with stock barrel. Trying to check the bore, the balls were getting stuck in the stock .693 but they shot fine anyway. Yesterday i take the gun to the field with a new stella barrel .685 back .689 front and 14" tip. I was able to blow dart the paintballs so i figured it was a good match. played one game with maybe 1 barrel break (used a full rotor and 4 pods). the next game i chopped a ball and my gun turned to soup so i cleaned it and found that one of the detents was broken so i replaced it. Played another game and it shot fine for half a rotor then i got what i believe to be barrel breaks since the breach and loader where clean this time, but i had to walk off the field to clean it. thinking the bore size may have been inconsistent i switched to the stock .693 barrel, but i was still getting barrel breaks not letting me finish the game.


i was using the field paint which is dxs basic training, which i read is not a delicate paint to be using.


anyone have any suggestions to what the problem might be? should i be buying better paint?