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turned to the dark side

13 June 2010 - 07:36 PM

i hate to waste a post but i was converted to pump play today, officially. i LOVE it! I got MORE eliminations than i normally do in a day playing with my fusion! And i even scaled a castle wall to get a surrender! Best part, i only shot about 275-300 rounds all day! i set up an Azodin KP with an old ans reg and drop forward, pepper stick barrel and GXG pocket hopper. The reg stopped the fart and added gratuitous amounts of accuracy, barrel made it shoot darts and i had one of my best days ever! pump FTW.

want to break into pump play

01 June 2010 - 01:29 AM

so, i've been playing since '01, and i'm really wanting to play pump for these reasons: 1) i've become WAAY too comfortable with laying on the trigger form years of speedball, it's getting expensive and when i play woodsball i find myself running through too much paint with little results. 2) i want to force myself to focus on making the smart, patient decisions that lead to success in the woods instead of the bold/intense movements that work beautifully in speedball, but get me lit up in the trees. 3) In speedball/hyperball situations, it would force me to REALLY cook with gas (sprint) and refine my snap-shooting/movement.

so i have my eye on two guns that are within my price range. the Azodin KP and the check-it V2 classic (not the mini sniper oracle, the cheaper one).

share with me your findings and thoughts on these markers. i especially want to know about the consistency with CO2 and HPA, accuracy with stock barrels and whatever other barrels you have used, including the paint used, and any useful information you can come up with to help me toward an informed decision. comparisons to common guns like tippmans, spyders and stacked tube open bolt markers of any kind (aside form the difference in ROF) would help me greatly too. even if you think Neither gun is good i'd like to hear what you think.

on a side note, i may also try to play with a slingshot, i'll let you know how it goes if i do.

thanks in advance!:ph34r: