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BST Infidelity

07 January 2013 - 06:13 PM

Alright, so I've been out of the game, and off the forums for awhile. Recently I got back on to try and get rid of some of my old gear in the BST, and I encountered a phenomena that drives me insane. It's nothing new, it's been happening to me for as long as I've been on this forum. It's also not just a Techpb, or even paintball thing, because it's happened on other BST and similar things. This phenomena is something I like to call, BST Infidelity. It occurs when someone makes an offer on your BST thread. You're happy. You're all giddy cause you finally found that someone special that can give you exactly what you wanted, money. You quickly reply, and thus the relationship of the buyer and seller begins. Of course what you don't know is that this buyer isn't just your buyer... Oh no, this buyer's got other men in it's life. Now I understand the concept of trying to make multiple offers, hoping that one won't fall through, but to me, once the seller has replied, it's the beginning of the deal. I would understand if at that moment the buyer said "Oh sorry, I bought another gun" or something along those lines. But again, the buyer has a mistress. He keeps working out a deal with you, and the other buyer, but he can only get one gun. Eventually he'll have to pick which one to go with, which often involves totally ignoring the gun he has chosen to forgo. This is the crushing moment of the infidelity. The days of potential bumping, that may have attracted a serious, honest, and loyal buyer can never be recovered. All you can do is pick up the pieces and hope that the next buyer is more faithful. So what do you guys think? Real problem? Piss you off? Or am I crazy? Maybe you're a former victim of a unfaithful buyer. Maybe you are one yourself. Discuss.

Dye i4s

04 December 2012 - 05:19 PM

Item: Red Dye i4s

Condition: 9/10 Played probably halfa dozen times in these. Not a single scratch on the lens, and minor dirt andpaint.

Known Problems: None,

Asking Price: 60

Shipping Options: Payer Picks

Trades of interest: NONE

Location of item: Houston

What is Included: Mask

This is an old picture from a post I had made a few months ago, but the mask has just sat since them, and hasn't seen a single second of paintball since that picture

Resized to 81% (was 1023 x 685) - Click image to enlargePosted Image

Cocker Missing A Screw

03 September 2012 - 02:05 PM

OK so my 2k4 prostock, with benchmark 45 frame lost it's rear grip frame screw. Can anyone tell me either where I can get one, or what the size is to buy a new one like at a hardware store or proshop? Here's a picture to help.

Posted Image

Red Empire Contact Pants

02 September 2012 - 11:08 PM

Item: Red Empire Contact Pants 2008

Condition: 9/10 Almost perfect

Size: Adult 28-38 (Very hard to getdown to a 28)

Known Problems: NONE. Hands down thebest piece of paintball attire I have ever purchased

Asking Price: 35. These guys areworth it for anyone interested in high end pants

Shipping Options: Payer Picks

Trades of interest: NONE

Location of item: Houston

What is Included: Pants

Posted Image

Posted Image

Blue Dye Rotor with KM Spine

02 September 2012 - 11:06 PM

Item: Dye Rotor V3 with KM Spine speed feed

Condition: 8/10

Known Problems: None, works just as well as when I bought it, just not as pretty

Asking Price: 125. This is the same version as the rotors you would buy new. Plus, the KM Spine speed feed is, in my opinion, the best on the market. They cost about 25 brand new, and this is in 9/10 condition

Shipping Options: Pay Picks

Trades of interest: None

Location of item: Houston

What is Included: Loader, batteries

Posted Image

Posted Image