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In Topic: Dye rotor

07 July 2010 - 12:22 PM

I don't see why the rotor is so special. You don't need to go over 15bps anyway. Spend $70 on the invert too that can reach 25 bps or oay $160 and get a loader that can reach 25bps? THERE IS NO POINT :P

- Weight
- Easy Maintaince, (No screws)
- Easy to replace pieces
- MUCH better battery efficiency


In addition to the above, I'd like to add the following;

- Better and lower profile
- Well balanced with better weight distribution (on an EGO set up)
- The shape makes it easier to quickly notice a front hopper hit
- Great anti-jam system
- Great simple design

In Topic: Miss Catshack Polls are open

06 July 2010 - 07:57 AM

I must admit I am really disappointed that the bios or short profiles weren't posted along with the pics.

In Topic: Female Baller Contest

24 June 2010 - 02:14 PM

Y'know, I wish we wouldn't need any of this. Le sigh. It's like asking to be treated equally, but then again, special. Just roll with the boys - beauty pageants are for girly girly girls, fed by the superficial society around them. Superficial beauty is meaningless without character and wits, and furthermore ... where are the "Mr. Season 2010" contests? If you have the balls to roll with us, have the wits to see where people try to push you back into old patterns.

Be a 'baller, not a chick or a dude. Because what it boils down to ... do you want to be oogled or respected? I would go with the latter.

While you are entitled to your opinion (and I do respect it) I tend to disagree. This discussion has been debated and beaten to death in other forums.

What I think can be achieved by this is showing girls and women that paintball isn't just for tom-boys and butches (sp?). A girl CAN be a "girly girly girl" and still play with the boys. We DO NOT and SHOULD NOT need to conform and act like dudes on or off the field to play the sport. A agree with your statement that "superficial beauty is meaningless without character and wits", but participating in a pageant doesn't take away from a girl's wits or character either.

And lastly, respect as a baller should be earned on the field, not from a picture.

In Topic: Female Baller Contest

24 June 2010 - 12:50 PM

@Peachie; All the power to you if you want to send in a submission. Life is too short to miss out on things and to worry about what other people think. If you are a real baller and want to enter the contest, do it! I'd like to see a real female paintballer win this.

It has been confirmed to be somewhat of a "beauty pageant" (and popularity contest) for female ballers but it was requested that the girls presented a short bio to prove they were actual paintballers. I, myself entered because the prize package was really decent. lol

Good luck chickie! :)

In Topic: Contraversy over the NPPL / CPX body paint models

05 June 2010 - 07:41 PM

I can list 3 out of her post, and I am just saying to flame a bit less and discuss the topic. Troll, Crying, not to mention the "girls that get offended by this thing are insecure....."

where is my label at pumpbuster? or just stop busting my balls and lets get back to discussing the topic at hand and forget about calling each other names......mkay?

I apologize if you feel my comments were directed at you, as they weren't. The "troll" reference was a word loosely thrown out there to point out how many people are so up and about discussing this "topic" on forums where clearly, it wouldn't change a thing in the way venues decided to promote their events. When I say that "often" girls who get offended by this are insecure, I again, didn't direct that comment at your smoking hot wife. I was merely giving my opinion as a female baller and also basing my opinion on personal experience as a woman.

But I ask, what exactly is objectifying a woman? I mean, the girls were hired and did their jobs just as the next guy would - hired to stand at a street corner to wear a sandwich board advertisement.

If "objectification" is the stand you want to take, then women have begun to sexually objectify themselves by choice, by wearing increasingly revealing clothing year after year... but then if I know my history right, women have been wearing micro-mini skirts since the 60's. But back on topic here, "sexual objectification" as someone said, is simply the result of society's immaturity and doing. America is notorious for that, putting their toddlers in pageants, pushing them to make the cheer leading squads and basically teaching them that beauty is the only way they will get anything in life.

Body paint is seen everywhere; football games, soccer matches, trade shows, art galleries and carnivals where women and men are paraded on floats across towns wearing nothing by body paint. If you can't appreciate it for what it is, no one is forcing you to look. From what I read, and saw, you would've had to stare pretty closely to see that they were only wearing pasties. I mean, the first thing I saw with Wolf's picture was how red his tongue was!

My 2 cents anyways...