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In Topic: Autococker SR

14 June 2010 - 02:57 PM

I am sorry to her that you are having issues with your SR. It would be helpful if you posted what your board settings are currently at because that might be the main cause of the issues you are experiencing.

Wow thank you for the great reply. It really helps a lot. As far as factory settings its all default besides 400ms watch time. Next step am gonna try LPR preassure. I love that gun its really fast and accurate, i just wish they would fix or warn people before you buy, that way you dont call your friends and talk smack to them telling that you gonna get them all and at the end being all dressed up with the gear and playin with tippman 98 marker and the co2 tank hahaha ))) That was my story ))) Yes I looked like a joker )))

In Topic: Etek 3?

14 June 2010 - 10:30 AM

Is it worth the extra dollars to get an etek 3 instead of a dp gun

I was stupid and spend a lot of money trying to be cheap and thinking i am saving something...Reality is dont be cheap and buy good product righ the wat instead of wasting money of average products and than regreting or thinking why you bought this instead of that :rolleyes: ))))

In Topic: Etek 3?

14 June 2010 - 10:28 AM

Is it worth the extra dollars to get an etek 3 instead of a dp gun

YES... I just got back from playing and this kid had a G3 that you could hear cycling but not firing. didnt know the problem but also didnt care.

Also another kid last week brought one in to the local shop with problems.

Same things happened to my autococker sr

In Topic: Etek 3 AM VS Etek 3 LT

14 June 2010 - 10:26 AM

Thank you all for taking time to reply ) I have few friends who pretty much told me sa same thing that LT as strong as AM. So i guess these both guns are pretty much equal to each other at least as far as performance goes. 100$ difference is not that much but at the same time its a 100 bucks lol ))) Maybe i should start playing lottery and if i get lucky by bob long or dye ))))