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JT paintballs (by RPS) at Walmart

26 May 2011 - 10:16 PM

So I was strolling through Walmart here in Dallas (Allen to be exact) and my local store placed the Visible Impact paint they were selling with a JT USA paintball (called Quantite or something like that) but it had the RPS logo on it as well. Killer part was $25 for a case of 2,000.

Is this stuff legit?

I'm hoping its a Diablo Heat-esque type of value paint and not re-branded/re-marketed Monsterballs. I may pickup a case to test out (stomp on it... bite into it a la Mike ... shoot a tree and see if it bores a hole through the center of it) as undoubtedly someone will be shooting it at me at a local field this weekend.

Hopper Smoking

07 September 2010 - 02:14 PM

Never seen this before in my 12+ years of paintball ...

I come off the field with two buddies and I notice white smoke coming from his marker. First thought is his o-ring broke and his tank is leaking but then I realize that its the hopper! We get the batteries out and they're hot and have a bulge in them. Then I can smell an electrical burning smell.

Have not taken the hopper apart yet but seems like something must have shorted. I'm betting had we not said anything the hopper would have caught fire.

Anyone else ever seen that?

Older But Effective Gear

03 September 2010 - 02:54 PM

Overview: I wrote this post because I noticed a lot of players just getting started or working on a budget tend to overlook time tested and affordable gear.

Like many newer players, when I first started I was always buying a marker, upgrading it with every mod possible, selling it, and move up to the next marker. The thing I remember the most was how frustrated I was when my marker would break and I'd be forced to use my inferior backup gear from a rental-esque Tippmann or a gravity fed hopper.

As an adult, I don't feel the urge now to spend all my money on paintball. I want stuff that works and enough backup gear that I don't feel obligated to sit and fix my primary marker because otherwise I'll be shooting a crappy rental marker.

1. Budget markers. If you're looking to spend $300 - $400 on marker consider you could 2 of these markers for the same price: Smart Parts Ion, Smart Parts Vibe, Autococker SR, Proto SLG, or AGD Automag (classic or RT). I have 3 of the markers listed here and hoping to have an SR and Vibe before the end of the year. I don't do much on them for upgrades (feedneck, on/off asa) and I'm good to go. (Tho I recommend the Level 10 kit for Automags.)

All these markers are solid when they're working and I don't feel like I'm losing anything if I use one over the other. If one breaks, I can use another one and take the broken one to the shop to get fixed up with no impact to my ability to play.

See my barrel notes for more information on that.

2. Budget hoppers. I don't like the continous loaders because they're annoying. But for the price of one (about $25 - 35) you can get reliable hoppers with eyes that can keep up with your marker during rec play. My two favorites are the VL Revolution w/ X Board and the VL eVLutions. These hoppers can keep up with about 12 - 16+ bps. Most of the time, especially on a budget, are you going to be shooting 20bps or something like that. For the price of many modern hoppers you can get 2-3 of these!

If you must have a fast loader for the rare cases you want to fling tons of paint you can always get a $30 VL Force loader and just use it for that scenario. Why put all your eggs in a $100 hopper basket when 90% of the time you probably don't need a feed of 30bps!

3. Budget mask. Realistically, you're going to have to buy a new mask. The lenses are only good for so long and after a while masks can get pretty torn up. But you don't need a $100 mask. There are quality thermal masks for $30 such as the VForce Pro Vantage. I bought one with low expectations and I've been impressed. For a little more new (around $40 - $50) the JT Spectra and Flex are fantastic masks as well. You can pay more but something like these is all you need.

4. Budget barrels. I personally love the concept of the "insert" style barrels. My buddies and I used to each have 3 barrels and we were always switching them amongst eachother to find the best fit, length, etc. I've seen Smart Parts Freak kits back, front, and 6 inserts going online for $35 - $50.

If you have one of the markers I mentioned above then you either need Autococker or Ion/SP threads and now all your markers can use the same barrel system. The exception is the Automag which uses twist lock barrels but a $150 ULE kit will make your Automag lighter and able to accept cocker barrels.

Figure $50 for a Freak Kit, $30 for a different back, and maybe $20 for a different front (in case you want a long and short barrel for woodball vs speedball) ... $100 and all your markers have a great barrel.

5. Budget tanks. The steelie tanks offer a great value in terms of getting a cheap HPA system. You may also be able to find deals on out of Hydro tanks. Many people after a few years don't know what to do with these tanks and practically give them away. All you need to do is take the tank and about $25 to a fire safety supply place and they'll retest the tank for you. Unless the tank is really old or damaged it should pass its hydro testing.

6. Budget clothing (jerseys, pants, and packs). Clearance items (last year's models, etc) are a great place to find awesome deals on ths type of stuff. You might not get this year's styles and might have a limited color/size selection but you'll be able to get some good gear for cheap.

In a recent ANS sale... I was able to get both a quality jersey and pair of pants for $45 total! I also got my pod pack (NXE Elevation) on close out and paid only $30 or something like that.

I got my hat that I wear to protect my head for $1 at Walmart.

Conclusion: So there are some of my recommendations/tips on stretching your dollars. Keep in mind too that you don't have to buy everything at once. Keep an eye out for deals and only upgrade what you need to.

Just to give an example... I spent just over $1,100 on gear this year. Honestly, I don't need half this crap. I don't need 6 loaders (nobody needs a Quantum or VL 200!)... nobody needs 5 jerseys (I bought extras for my team to use at practice)... nobody needs extra packs and masks (but I want friends and friends of friends to have a great time so they'll become life long players), etc.

So realistically... you could cut that amount in half (about $600) and you'd still have a ton of equipment. Sure, its not the top of the line but you'll always have working gear and you'll be a competitive player all for well less than the price of many mid-high end markers.

1. Proto SLG 09 - $199 (bought it on clearance .. new model is $225 at my local store)

2. SP Ion - $150 (friend was quitting paintball... came with VL Force loader and 72 cu in 3000psi steelie tank)

3. Automag - $300 (friend was upgrading gear... came with Level 10 kit, CP drop, 3 barrels, 48cu in 3000psi wrapped tank) - This wasn't that good of a deal except he took immaculate care of his gear and I wanted an Automag

4. Worr Machine - $45 (wanted another mechanical backup marker)

Total: $700 (rounded up)


1. VL Revolution w/ X Board - $20

2. eVLution II - $45

3. VL Revolution w/ X Board - $0 (came with eVLution II on Ebay lot)

4. VL Force - $0 (came with Ion)

5. VL Quantum - $0 (came with eVLution II on Ebay lot)

6. VL 200 - $0 (came with eVLution II on Ebay lot)

Total: $65


1. SP Freak Kit (Ion back) 6 inserts and 6" barrel front - $60

2. SP Freak Back - Autococker - $50

3. SP Freak Front Tip 14" - $16

4/5. 2 Twist Lock Automag Barrels (PMI Perfect, and JJ Ceramic) - $0 (came with Automag)

7/8/9/10. Stock barrel for each marker - $0

Total: $130 (rounded up)


1. 48 cu in wrapped tank 3000 psi - $0 (included with automag)

2. 48 cu in steelie tank 3000 psi (Ninja) - $50

3. 72 cu in steelie tank 3000 psi - $0 (came with Ion)

Total: $50

Packs and Pods:

1. Global X 2 Pod Pack - $4 (ANS Gear sale... loaner pack)

2. NXE Elevation Pack - $30 (ANS close out)

3. 8 NXE Pods - $16 (ANS gear)

*** Note the pod pack had 2 pods so I have 10 pods total ***

Total: $50


1. VForce Profiler - $35 (new from store)

2. XTreme Rage - $25 (backup/loaner)

Total: $60

Jerseys and Pants:

1. Valken Pants - $45 (ANS Gear Sale)

2. Five (5) Empire Jerseys - $25 (ANS Gear Sale)

Total: $70


1. CP On/Off - $25 (Ebay)

2. SLG Feedneck - $30 (local store, bad move on my part)

3. Ion Feedneck - $8 (ANS Gear Sale)

Total: $63

Grand total: $1,118.

Empire owns Viewloader

31 August 2010 - 03:39 PM

Went to the Viewloader site (www.viewloader.com) earlier today and it looked like the VL site I expected.

When I go to it now it redirects to the Empire website and shows the VL products under their product list.

I guess Empire bought Viewloader and I missed the announcement? If so, I need to figure out how I've been living under a rock.

2,000 name brand paintballs for $25

27 August 2010 - 04:21 PM

I can't endorse this paint because I've never used it. But, I noticed my local Walmart had a 2,000 round case of Visible Impact paint for $25. Apparently you have to shop around because a different Walmart store it looked like it was selling for $37.50.

You may have read about Monsterball and other cheap paints (normally sold it plastic tubes) that are rock hard and banned by many fields.

The interesting thing about Visible Impact is that it has "EcoFill" which is an oil free formula. The only paintball manufacturer I know of that has "EcoFill" is Draxxus. So my money is that these are a re-branded Draxxus recball paint for Walmart.

The only reason I haven't bought any to try is that basically all my local fields are FPO (field paint only). Anyhow, this might be a very economical option if you can find this paint in your Walmart stores at the $25 price point. Even with fields charging a $15 paint fee... you'd still be getting 2,000 rounds into your local field for $40.