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Clip Fed Markers

10 September 2010 - 08:43 PM

Hey all,

I've been really intrigued lately by the Tiberius Arms T9/T4. I like the fact that it gives me a realism feel and play style that doesn't use a fake looking hopper on the top of the gun. I was just wondering if Tiberius is the only company to really excel in this category or are there other GOOD reliable company's/guns that are clip fed? Also I absolutely love the fact that Tiberius' T9&T4 are compatible with a tank in collapsible stock combo which now gives the gun no visible tank, hoses, and no visible hopper of paint. Now I absolutely know that this kind of marker is really for a different type of paintball play style. Thanks for any info.

PS: Is there a collapsible stock/tank combo for an x7 phenom as well?

Performance of Tiberius T9/T4 using paintballs?

09 September 2010 - 11:00 PM

Hey all,

I've been looking into the getting a clip fed marker and by what I can tell, Tiberius arms is the only real good company that makes them. If there are any other good companies that make clip fed markers please let me know. Anyways, I like that the t9.1 and t4 both give the option of using paintballs and first strike rounds. I would definitely be getting either of these two guns for the use of first strike rounds BUT in the case that I run out of them during a fame or I simply cant afford First strike rounds one weekend, what performance can I expect out of the T9.1 and T4 shooting regular paintballs? WIll the performance be normal? or will it perform less than good for any reason as they are primarily made for First strike rounds? Thanks for any info. And the reason I ask is because I'v had a couple of players mention that they supposedly don't shoot regular paint well. Thanks again for any clarifications.

Q Loader

09 September 2010 - 07:29 PM

Hey all,

I was just curious as to what the story was on the Q Loader. It seems interesting and the fact that it sits to the side of the gun is intriguing. Are they good? Are they only used circumstantially? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks

Can I use a "high pressure" tank on my invert mini or do I have to use Low pressure?

02 September 2010 - 11:45 AM

Hey everyone,

I just bought an Invert mini a couple of days ago butI have a quick question if anyone would be kind enough to clarify this for me. I just finished reading the manual for my mini and it says on page 6 "that it is strongly recomended that a very high-flow "low pressure" (350-450psi) fixed-output system is utilized as an air source for your mini". This confused me a bit lol. Is it saying that I must only use a "low pressure tank" on the mini? or can I still use a high pressure hpa tank? I own a 68ci 4500psi Ninja tank that is set to high pressure stock. Can I leave it set to high pressure or do I have to change my tanks output to low pressure? Thanks for any help and sorry if this is a dumb question but better safe than sorry as I do not want to damage my gun. Thanks again.

A question about the Mini

01 September 2010 - 11:39 PM

Hey everyone,

I have a question. Now before I ask it I want to clarify that I completely understand and agree that the infinity legend is amazing. My cousin just bought one and I absolutely love it. So it seems that the majority here, if not everyone, agrees that a stock legend is better than a stock mini. So that being said, I'm curious to know how a stock legend compares to an upgraded mini? For example: a mini with say a tadao or virtue board. Reason I ask is because what if a player buys a mini fully understanding that the mini's internals aren't as good as the legends, but they bought the mini still because they really like the feel, size and weight of the mini? So how would a mini with a virtue/tadao board and say a techt spring kit compare to a legend? Again, the legend is amazing, especially since you don't have to upgrade it for it to be awesome, but for the the players that prefer the smaller, lighter, and above all compact gun, can they upgrade the mini to be perform better or at least on par to the legend? If so, what upgrades would it take to get the mini to that point?