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BT-SA 17 Fun Gun

11 November 2013 - 06:49 AM

Recently I've been considering picking up a BT-SA 17 Pistol for some fun every now and then (yes, I have used the Tipx, and the Tiberius 8.1) My question is whether or not a foregrip from BT will fit on the fairly small looking BT-SA 17 and if so would I still be able to open up the compartment to change out the 12ie without taking the grip off?


Thank you,

HU Soldier.


Invert MIni with Virtue OLED Board

31 January 2013 - 04:56 PM

Marker: Invert MIni Traded TO SCHULER!!!
Condition: 9/10
Color: Red with Black accents
Upgrades: Virtue OLED board
Known Problems: 2 nmall nicks on front of breech
Asking Price: $250 shipped
Shipping Options: USPS Basic
Trades of interest: None
Location of item: Coxs Creek Ky, 40013
What is Included: Gun, Stock Barrel, Virtue OLED
http://i1059.photobu...jpg<br /><br />


31 January 2013 - 04:48 PM

Marker: GOG Enemy
Condition: 10/10
Color: Black
Upgrades: 14in proto barel
Known Problems: None
Asking Price: $110
Shipping Options: USPS Basic unless you pay
Trades of interest: None
Location of item: Coxs Creek Ky, 40013
What is Included: Gun stock barrel, proto barrel, barrel bag, manual, parts kit

Tipx Mags

27 January 2013 - 06:42 AM

Lately ive been tinking of switching back to playing pistol only. My plan was to pick up a used tipx and 3-4 mags but then i remembered that when i had my old tipx the mags tended to shoot the paint out when they were in my mag holster (drop leg mag holster). So my question is, was the mag being in a drop leg mag holster the problem and could using a vest this time around solve that problem? Also another question is that if the problem is still there with a vest will rimming the top of the mag with tape work? Same as putting the tape onto a barrel to act as ghetto detents for cockers but on a magazine. Ive considered the tiberius T8.1 but im fimilar to the Tipx and the mags are much cheaper unless i cant get the mag issue resloved.


03 January 2013 - 04:36 PM

Literally got this in the mail 15 minutes ago, thught others might want to see it with a hopper, tank, and decent length barrel.

Sorry for farily undecent pictures...



Only issues i have with it are: To get the rotor in i had to pry the gap in the feedneck apart with a screw driver and the detents arent accesible from the outside shroud.