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First Day of Pump - Ruined by Aggs

26 July 2010 - 11:26 AM

Hello everyone!

I'm a recballer who got into the sport about 8 months or so ago. I've really enjoyed paintball, and purchased an etek for a very reasonable price.

Anyway, at one local field I play at, I noticed there were a lot of renters, and to have a bit more fun, and level the field a bit I decided to get a pump.

I purchased a Trilogy with a pump kit and hit the field yesterday. Lots of fun, and I got about 3-4 people out during the day (which I was quite happy about).

Anyway, (here's the point where I vent), there were three kids in their early twenties, all kitted out with their colourful minis and expensive setups.

We played a scenario where the teams were incredibly lopsided (the three of them were together, with others) and I was on a team with my other friend (who was playing pump as well) and all rentals.

Let's just say we got rolled. Which is fine, however the guys bonus balled us all near the end of the game (we were all out, but due to the scenario we could be planted back in, so we were not off the field) and they hit one child about 6-10 times.

After the game, the father talked to the aggs, confronting them. Their reply 'We play the game like we play the game. If your kids can't handle it, sod off'

It made me feel bad for the unsportsmanship of these people who call themselves paintballers. I try to even the field by playing pump , but they took advantage of the situation. I went up to the father afterwards, apologized for those people's behavior, and thanked him for going up and confronting those people.

In a great turn of events however, everyone they were playing against left the field after that game, so they had no one else to play with.

So in summary: I played pump with lots of rentals, had a great time, until aggs messed around. Looking forward to a better pump experience next time.
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Azodin Kaos recocking issue

22 June 2010 - 03:08 PM

Hey guys, I'm a long-time lurker but I just signed up!

I'm having an issue with my Azodin Kaos recocking. I decided to fiddle around with the gun, and tried to take it apart (unfortunately stripping the screw that holds the trigger frame to the body). I never actually got the frame off of the body, and rebuilt the gun.

Since then, the gun will not recock. I've replaced the red striker o-ring, and relubed the bolt. When I screw the velocity adjustment all the way in, it will try to recock (doing the bounce thing) but will still not recock. It seems like if I get a strong enough spring, it might be able to, but I'm not certain that's really what I want to do.

This happens on both Co2 and HPA. I've listened intently for leaks, but can't seem to find any.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!