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Best $300 NEW gun (can't buy used)

17 July 2010 - 02:02 PM

So I recently purchase an Etek 1 with star frame from someone on another forum. I paid 240 shipped for it and felt like it was a good deal. He said it had a small leak but it worked fine otherwise. He mentioned the leak got smaller as you played. Well I paid him and whatnot, using pay pal and sent the money as goods to protect myself. I received the gun fine and upon making sure it was all in working order realized that one of the springs in the LPR was missing along with the end cap of the piston. I figured that was what was causing the leak so got those two parts for 19 bucks shipped from someone else. I had not gotten to test the gun out at this point due not having an air.

I replaced those parts and went to the field today. Upon screwing in my tank there is instantly a huge and constant WOOOSH of air, coming from the handle/solenoid area. I'm instantly struck with worry. I back off the tank a little and open the ASA and then close the ASA again, the triggered is turned off at this point, upon closing the ASA the gun starts firing with me not touching the trigger, there's no paint in the hopper so its not a big deal. I decide to take the gun inside to the paint shop to have him look at it. He says its coming from the solenoid area which is not a good sign but he'll take it apart and look maybe just one of the small hoses came off or something. I come back a little later and he has the solenoid out, the solenoid is broken from the previous owner over tightening the screws there are two major dents in it. He says its the most expensive part in the gun to replace costing 100-150 dollars and it would take several weeks to get it in if they order it. I just say I'll think about it and take my gun and head home for the day. Needless to say I'm filing a claim on pay pal to get my money back as I was sold a broken gun with missing parts and was scammed. I won't be buying a gun used again.

TL;DR I bought a used gun, it turned out to be broken, got scammed, need to buy a BRAND NEW gun.

So I'm in need of a new gun for 300 dollars or less (could do 310 for like a mini obviously). I'm not buying used again so don't recommend an 05 ego or an old Bob long or whatnot.

I was thinking about the new DP G4 but wasn't sure what else was out there that people would reccomend in that bracket, I have looked at only really invert mini v3 or DP g4. If anyone has any other suggestions that would be appreciated. Sorry for the long read up there.

Used gun question?

28 June 2010 - 05:30 PM

Just bought a used gun, an Etek 1 with zick kit, star frame, cure bolt, and CP reg. I've never bought used before so what are some things I should check on the gun to make sure everything is in working condition, what are things that may need to be replaced? The owner said it had a small leak so I'm going to have to find that and fix it but I may just have my local shop do that if it poses to be too difficult.

What needs to be replaced on a used gun most likely? Also how do i adjust the velocity on that different regulator?

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Difficulty in fixing a leak on an Etek 1

28 June 2010 - 03:58 PM

So I've been looking for a new gun recently and I found an etek 1 I fell in love with today, its got star frame, cure bolt, zick kit, and cp reg. Its in my price range for sure but the owner says it has a small leak. Granted thats pretty vague how hard would it to be fix a leak on an etek. Is it something I could do myself more likely than not or do I need to take it to someone (and if so how much might that run me). My local Pball field does repairs so I could probably take it to them if nothing else. How hare are Etek's in general to work on? It seems like a better investment to get this gun then to buy a mini like I had originally planned assuming the repairs dont set me back an arm and leg.

WTB 05/06 Ego or Etek 1/2

28 June 2010 - 04:27 AM

Title says it all, I'm looking for a new gun, I want an 05 or 06 Ego or an Etek 1 or 2.

Not wanting to spend over 300 dollars, post pics/prices etc.

Would like for you to have original manual, box, etc, if at all possible.

DP G4 vs 3rd generation Inver Mini

26 June 2010 - 05:10 PM

I know the G4's just came out so there's like on reviews on them or info but they sound like they'll be pretty solid although not so sure about the efficiency. I've got access to a 3rd gen invert mini for only 210 shipped which is 90 bucks cheaper then a new G4 but probably don't have a lot of time on that offer. If anyone more knowledgeable wants to weigh in on this topic that would be greatly appreciated. I mean one is a poppet and the other a spool but only prior gun I've owned was an old Spyder TL+ so I'm not really set either way on that.

Invert min 3rd gen
- Efficient
- Tested

- No on/off ASA
- Bad stock barrel
- optical trigger

Dangerous Power G4
- microswitch trigger
- longer stock barrel
- On/off ASA included

- no reviews or data yet
- lack of efficiency (heard bad things about the o-ringless bolt on the g3 spec r)
- more expensive