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In Topic: Dye DAM MilSim Assault Rifle

16 October 2012 - 05:02 PM

It's a little more obvious in this photo, forward of the butt plate and below/to the rear of the adjustment lever, sporting the Dye Tactical logo.

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In Topic: Dye DAM MilSim Assault Rifle

16 October 2012 - 04:44 PM

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Looks like there's a second type of stock we haven't heard about. Do you think it's an aftermarket upgrade, or another option? Looks like it opens up tank space, but gets rid of what looks like tools storage in the top one.

In Topic: Jt Splatmaster

05 August 2012 - 09:01 PM

What is the price for the paint and gun?

Yeah, I wanna know!

When I was on their website last week, I believe it was $30 for the pistol and $40 for the shotgun. Paint was $20 for half a case.

What I want to know is whether the lenses on the goggles are also rated for paintball impacts. I usually make my sis wear full goggles when I test fire, but if the Splatmaster goggles will hold up to an accidental hit without blocking the rest of her face that'd be great to use instead.

In Topic: Paintball marker a firearm?

13 July 2012 - 09:06 AM

I think you'll have to work with campus security on this. Different colleges have different rules, and what works for me may not work for you.

With that, there are a couple of options:
- You may be able to keep most of your gear in the room, and store the marker and tank with a buddy or with campus security
- You may have to get a safety deposit box or a spot at a local self-storage to store your marker. If it's in a nice case that doesn't give the impression of a firearm, you should be fine storing it in a bank.
- If it comes down to it, you may have to rent the marker at the field. Most colleges I've asked are fine with storing masks/pants/paint/etc., so all you'd need is the marker.

I wouldn't recommend keeping a marker in your room, especially since it sounds like your college has strict rules about it. If there was any kind of problem on campus, they'd probably come to you first and conduct a search.
It does sound like security may be willing to work with you a bit, though, since they were polite about keeping a marker in your trunk. If you're honest with them about what you want to accomplish, they may find a way to get you what you need.

In Topic: Maryland Ballers Club

13 July 2012 - 08:42 AM

I dabble in pump, but I don't think I'm a good enough shot to call myself a pump player yet. Posted Image