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22 May 2014 - 10:01 AM

Their plan, was to simply blow off the skirmishes, keep the players on the field, and use the numbers advantage to gain ground on the main field


Stop saying this, please.  Our plan was to surivive skirmishes the best we could.  At least how it played out in the Vandals legion which was being lead by Honu was that he'd send a large hand picked force to do battle in the skirmish while keeping enough to be able to hold the line and still complete objectives on the main field.  All told we had about 1/3 of our 300 person Legion off field from 2:30 until the 4:00 reinsertion window because of the skirmish.  We calculated that that legion division would accomplish winning the skirmish, surviving on the main field during that time if you used the weakened line to pressure that specific spot on the field, while also accomplishing Vipers directive of getting bodies off the field for safety reason. 


As for the other legions, well you'd have to ask them what happened as to why they dropped the ball on getting to their skirmishes as they were told to have a simliar plan as ours just without the benefit of having the largest legion of the game. 

And to use an example of another legion that you say blew off to take ground on you I'll use the Skirmish right off the start of the game (our Gaul legion I believe).  There area of operation was the far tape line against the train tracks.  You claim they blew off their skirmish to hold ground even though you actually had them pushed back to almost Fort Courage in the first hour of the game.  Maybe most of the bodies were still in the chrono line or just make it onto the field, I don't know.  What they definitely were not doing is purposely blowing off the skirmish to take ground on you as you had them pushed almost to our base at game on because of lack of bodies.


So stop stop STOP harping on this.  To say we "blew off" skirmishes is an insult to the Hordes planning, the work ethic of all the players playing on our side, and the grittiness and toughness of your own players who put up an amazing fight against us. You said what you wanted to say yesterday before people stepped in on both sides to calm you down.  If you are continuing with this because you feel wronged please step back and think about it from our side for a second since we thought there was no way you wouldn't take the same approach.  I'm not trying to rub salt in the wound at all because everyone from top to bottom of the New Empire side made us earn that win ten fold no matter the final score was but you are insulting every player at this game by keeping this up.

In Topic: LL7 post-action report(s)

21 May 2014 - 11:28 AM

You can lose points by not holding your defend missions.

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21 October 2013 - 04:30 PM

Just going to leave this right here, carry on.



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24 May 2013 - 09:42 PM

Twice I told guys on our side to just walk because they were not gonna get healed without putting our medic in unneeded danger. One guy was literally plopped down in the middle of the path going to Tikal with paintballs being shot past him calling for a medic. Not happening dude, sorry.

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24 May 2013 - 07:51 AM

It seems like every time I needed a medic there wasn't one or he didn't have a card. It would have been nice when we were pushing by the railroad tracks midway Saturday and Sunday morning. We almost made it to Fort Courage Sunday morning.

I took over Antonio's Blood Legion halfway through Saturday and Sunday morning was the only time we had problems trying to get stuff. I stayed in Fort Courage with about 4 other guys till 10 for our defend mission off the break and was getting a little worried because the sound of shooting was getting pretty close, and we just couldn't break through to get to the timer box for our 10am skirmish at Merida. I know our Praeterian guard that was supposed to be in that spot was gutted and switched to the horde but it sounds like we would have been in real trouble on that side of the field if you guys had working medics.