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Cool People Who Own Aurora/Oil-Slick Markers

16 March 2010 - 12:44 AM

Yeah, so this is for the few who own a marker that is aurora or oil slick, or has aurora/oil slick parts on their marker. in my case, i own "OJ", which is an etek with aurora frame, and ccu. not the sexiest, but it is one of a kind and i love my OJ.

If you shall put a pic of your aurora/oil-slick marker, your in!

and i know... your aurora/oil-slick marker might be a bit sexier than mine...

i'll try uploading a pic of mine, look in a post below.

Needing help on some pb situations in a game where a communitation code would be helpful

15 March 2010 - 09:36 PM

Hey, so after our tourney yesterday, i noticed a need for more code. yeah, i know the obvious stuff like bunker locations and all, but there were a few times where i saw we needed to talk, preferribly in code. for example, we made up a code "chinsmack!" to try and pull the flag, and "alaska!" to get more agressive. I also saw another time where code should have been used, when 2 teams had a man in the same bunker, and one of the teammates couldnt tell their player because he didnt want the other player to hear. Can you guys list a few other situations in which our team should make up a code for? and, maybe this could get to mike and he could make a vid of "code" situations? Thanks for the help!

My 12 year old sister died today...

13 July 2009 - 06:41 PM

My sister died today just a few hours before i typed this. it was here on vacation in costa rica and we were on an atv trip, and she accidently went off a cliff near the ocean and took a 100 foot straight down fall and did not survive. mike is already going to help me and my family with a song for her on his radio show tonight, that helps my family soo much. im a big paintball addict, and this is just not wanting me to step onto another field for a while. please guys, my dad had a nervous breakdown from this ( he will be ok ) and my mom and the rest of our family will greatly miss her. she was a great person, and always was in touch with god. im crying while typing this... please guys, just leave some comments on this whole thing, it will make my family feel better about this. i have a short slideshow of her on youtube also, only words. search "quazeyman"

thanks techpb :unsure: :unsure: