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DM4 Virtue Chip LBI or Non-LBI

12 July 2010 - 01:58 PM

Hi, I recently purchased a DM4 from a local paintball shop for $325 (I know that seems stupid, but for the price I simply had to buy it, seeing as the gun was apx. $1000 6 years ago.) However what I failed to realize is that my DM4 does not come with tournament modes, which I'm not sure how I overlooked......... Anyway, the simplest solution seemed to be buying Virtue chip for my DM4, but here's the catch, they make 2 different DM4 Virtue chips. The first is a chip built for the DM4 with an LBI board , and the second built for a DM4 without an LBI board. So long story short, how do I know which one to buy, and whether or not I have an LBI board?

P.S. My DM4 came with the manual for the DM5......... is that a common thing or is it just me, because I have managed to find no form of a DM4 manual, even digital.