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Rocket launcher help

11 December 2011 - 11:57 PM

I have a rocket launcher built, and i think everything will work, but i can't get propellant on it. I have a 1/2 brass threaded ball valve to put a regulator into and it just wants to cross thread. If someone could let me know what fitting a paintball tank, or in this case regulator, will screw into, let me know

Flasc FSR1

12 October 2011 - 08:32 PM

I'm looking at the FSR1 kit. I need to know if any one else has previous experience with flasc barrels, specifically on Tiberiuses. I'm thinking .684 for one of the bores then i dont know for the rest. I could go double porting and apex adapter( i have an apex 1) or standard/ no porting with cannonizer. Let me know what you guys think. I need accuracy so the 93.5955 USD will be no problem if it works.

Also, i will be shooting paint, not first strikes. G.I. four star, dxs silver, all star, and marbs will be my normal paint so if you know th ebore of those in northeast indiana that would help.

98 custom ideas needed

31 July 2011 - 10:49 PM

I play light and fast, (normally just a t8.1) but i wanted something that i could rely on if something went wrong. That being said i am not being "milsim" i find that as quite disrespectful to mimic our troops or any other troops for fun. I also believe paintball is more fun at the front, without crap holdng you back.

Right now i just have the 98 with a techt fang trigger(no trigger guard even). I don't want electronics because this will be in the bottom of my bag for who knows how long and batteries don't last forever. Response ain't happening either because i play semi auto tournies and that means if whatever my main marker is at the time goes down i have to pull off the response tubes to use it.

The first things i want to do are:
get a cp one piece(bore size? .685 maybe?)
polish the internals( how should i go about this?)
rocket cock(do they cut down on that nasty tippmann clinky noise?)

Some other things i might get, are they worth it
BT vert air kit
hairpin kit
rufus dog center feed(should i do it myself on my drill press, or send it in?)
try to find a trigger guard that fits(if anyone has one let me know)

i'm open to any other suggestions, post a link if you can, but if not i know how to work google

I'm gong to be coming into some money

25 May 2011 - 06:42 PM

Basically this summer i plan on working like crazy. I'm the only son on Gunthorp Farms, so I have quite an opprotunity. Every monday i'll be raking in about $40 from butchering chickens, and the rest of the week will be spent mowing, so i should have a good amount of money by the end of summer.

Right now i have:
proto pro axis
PE 08 pants
smart parts unpadded jersey

Main setup:
Tiberius t8.1
two mags
homemade tube holder that works nice

Tourney setup:
DP spec r that has some mental deficiencies
vlocity with dynasty kit (intert too as back up)
Redz 09 pack that should last another year

really i kinda want to know what to do with probably about $600. I was thinking a new speedball marker and tank should be first, but then i'll sell the spec r so i'll have another $250. Also i kinda want a pump, but i'll have to borrow one before i know for sure. I could also just spend the money and go all out every weekend and use the tourney set up and play any chance i get, which could be fun, but it isn't the player i would like to be.

For markers i was thinking:
BL Vice
BL Protege
Ego 8
Pm/Dm 8
empire traccer
azodin kp
another t8.1

Other stuff i was thinking about:
nice jersey (suggestions?)
a 45/45
yellow pro axis lense
pro axis turbine fan

Let me know what you guys think

SP Vibe Not Shooting

07 April 2011 - 06:31 PM

Basically my friend has a vibe that i want. It beeps when you pull the trigger, but i don't hear a noid click. I gassed it up and it did the same thing. The reg held air until i screwed the velocity screw one way pretty far. The owner didn't really care about the marker and it's never really been maintained. Any help or somewhere i could like buy a new noid would really help.