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In Topic: help with fogging lens

27 July 2010 - 02:09 PM

I use a Vortex II on my JT mask and I love it. I'm a fat git who sweats a lot and crawls everywhere in the woods, my thermal lenses were getting fogged up all the time. Then I got the fan and the problem was solved instantly.

but will that fit on my profiler?

In Topic: help with fogging lens

27 July 2010 - 02:05 PM

mine are about 2 yrs old. from when i bought them. they could be older, i dont know. i live in indiana and it is super humid there right now, so i think that is my problem.

In Topic: Lossing weight

22 July 2010 - 07:48 PM

Well im 13 turning 14 in 2 months and i weigh 130 maybe more and im like 5,2? maybe 5,3 well anyways i wanna work into getting a flat stomach. Also i wanna gain some muscle in my arms. So anyone have any good suggestions on what to do? Like running? how long should i run? SHould u do situps?

ya, to be a paintball player u cant be chubby. or u will be much better if u are thin. i was 130 and the same height one yr ago, i was 13 turning 14, and i think i was probly like 5 0 or 5 1. i was pretty out of shape and i didnt play baseball or basketball that yr, so i wasnt working out. i grew 6 or seven inches inches in one yr, and i weigh the same. i didnt lose any, but i am not as chubby. u will grow soon, dont worry. i also found that eating less helps more than working out. i am 123 right now, so i think 7 pounds just by not eating as much. u know, dont eat a whole pizza and drink a coke. eat maybe one or 2 pieces, and drink a ton of water. all of that weight lifting wont help u a bit in paintball! it just makes u gain weight actually, i do it, but do the eating thing, and then run a lot. that will help with the paintball thing. u will be able to get to the snake off the break, and then pop up and get someone out really quick without having to wait for ur heart rate to go down so that u can get a decent shot off without ur barrel going all over the place. but the sit ups help a lot, and running will actually let u lose the belly flab. do the running and the eating while u grow and u will be better for paintball.

In Topic: Best Paintball Marker Under 100$

22 July 2010 - 07:26 PM

Title says it all, but ive narrowed it down to 2 markers, the Azodin Kaos, and the Extreme Rage ER3. Im still looking, so please post your opinions on these 2 guns, or if u find any other paintball markers under $100 that seem better, feel free to post a comment on what marker it is and why its better. Btw are these guns good for speedball? i currently have a Tippman 98 Custom for woodsball, but im guessing that a Tippman would not work in speedball....

i wouldnt get the kaos.it isnt even electronic. if u get 1, u wont be pleased at all. u will use it in 1 match and then want to get a better gun. i would say save some cash and get a spyder pilot or the azodin blitz. they are both electronic and can shoot really well for around 150. if you can, save some more money and get a proto slg 09 or 10. they are really good. i would say the best for that price. they are much better than the spyder or azodin. they just are not that great. you will have the slg for a while and it will give u a chance in speedball. the kaos wont last in speedball. you can also go to a field and buy a really nice used gun that u know works. i wouldnt suggest ebay for used stuff. it seams that it is all a scam. i bought 2 guns on ebay and they were broken.