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UK paintball field finder?

02 August 2010 - 04:01 PM

Hi guys, right here's the thing, i've been having trouble finding websites that give names, locations and contact details or weblinks of paintball site in the uk so i decided to try and build a website to hopefully make it easier for every one from beginers to enthusiasts to find site to play, so if you know about any sites near you please message me with the name and adress and contact details (if possible) so i can build a database and hopefully publish it online within the next couple of months in the hope that i can help build, develope and grow the sport of paintball in the uk.

please help?

23 July 2010 - 04:28 PM

hey guys, am kinda new to the world of paintball, we i say kinda, have played woodsball a few times at a local venue used a rental marker and never really got as m much from it as i could, now i have my own marker and iv been to my local venue and i love it the only thing is now iv played there a few times i know the site know the arenas and im looking for somewhere new , i live in bedford uk and iv been playing at skirmish central in poddington any one know of any good venues that are fairly close as i dint have access to a car unfortunatly so either by train or bus ect ? altho its not vital as i may be able to bribe my step mum into letting me use her car,

also anyone know of any events in the area of bedford that are coming up?