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In Topic: New field in Richland opening soon

27 October 2010 - 12:12 PM

Store Info:
Red Dot Paintball
4096 W Van Giesen St
Unit D
West Richland WA 99353
Phone: 509-967-3030
Toll Free: 866-543-4382
Fax: 866-666-1932
It's in a mini-mall on the right as you're headed away from Richland.

The field is down 240 aways, near the motorsports park. take 240 out of town, turn right on Beardsley Road. The road forks, take the right side and follow until you get to the RV parking pads. There is a sign and gravel road to the left that leads directly to the field lot. You should be able to see the ref tower and maybe the nets before you get to the RV park. The google map coordinates are 46.353978,-119.356241


In Topic: New field in Richland opening soon

26 October 2010 - 11:40 AM

do you know how many fields will be there and what kind? like 1 or 2 airball fields?

From talking to Tim, there looks like there will be at least three fields at first. The main one will be a near regulation sized turf airball field. I forget the style of the air bunkers, it's not XBall (no giant X), I think Griffan said it was a millinium field (I may be wrong here). There will be a smaller side field with massive truck tires and 55-gal drums as bunkers. This field may include some of the bush area. The last field will be a bushball setup out back. There is enough terrain variation out there to make the bush field interesting despite the lack of trees. They have 42 acres, so Tim may be planning more field setups in the future, these are the ones I know of.

The regulation turf field is nearly good to go, the only issues are field layout and maybe a few patches. Griffan and Branden probably have more up to date info than I do, especially Griffan, who has been helping Tim out from the getgo.


In Topic: New field in Richland opening soon

24 October 2010 - 03:31 PM

The field is seamed, all that needs to be done are a few patches and a little rework on the turf but it is >99% done. The nets were up along the parking lot side when I left yesterday.

Tim will be opening the field very shortly maybe 2 weeks? I'll post when I know for sure. (or you could look at their facebook page for updates). I can't wait to see what it looks like with the bunkers up.

In Topic: New field in Richland opening soon

20 October 2010 - 05:23 PM

i have alot of friends helping out there. i have been sick and am not able to make it out there

If you're feeling better, come on out saturday. Even if you're not feeling up to helping, come out and have a look at the field. We got the turf 50% done and Tim (the owner) indicated that they woud see about getting the wire strung up for the nets also, so it's shaping up. They opened up their store last Sunday. It's mostly woodsball stuff (It's what sells the best, on their online store), but Tim should be able to order what ever else you might want. The store prices are the same as their website prices.

In Topic: New field in Richland opening soon

11 October 2010 - 05:26 PM

As an update: We got part of the turf seamed together on Saturday, hopefully we can finish that up next week. I guess they will work on stringing the nets after that. If we get more people volunteering next week they can get the field operating sooner.

They have a 43 acre lease, a 120X~150 turf area for speedball, and a smaller netted field. Latter they will build a scenario type filed in the brush behind the big turf field. They have water and electricity on field. They share the restroom facilities with the RV park next door (no porta-potties!).

Show up at 10 am Saturday at the field if you want to help. Ill post more info when I know more.