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In Topic: Angel A1 Fly

23 August 2010 - 01:14 AM

i want this.. badd haha... im stuck with a invert mini :( it shoots great it just.. idk im tired of the mini never has any problems but iv had it for a year and im getting bored with it... il see if i can sell it and get the money for this or il figure somthing out i realy want this!!!

In Topic: Ninja Angel A1

24 July 2010 - 03:36 PM

invert mini + 250 cash?

In Topic: Dark Ego 6

23 July 2010 - 09:59 AM

okay good looking gun haha. how about dust blue invert mini (i know not another mini but im mad cuz i have been stuck with it and cant get rid of it) plus 175 dollars? i will negotionate for a better offer for you

In Topic: etek2

23 July 2010 - 09:54 AM

sweet gun... if i get more money (i only need like 100) u got your self a deal man. sexy looking gun!

In Topic: Silver Protege, Pink Epiphany, Blue Uld PM6

23 July 2010 - 09:28 AM

il pay full price for the protoge