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Tiberius T8.1 and T4 VS T9.1 Elite

26 July 2010 - 05:38 PM

Hey guys. Just needed some help deciding on buying a t8.1 with 2 extra clips a holster and a mag holster for 250 is worth it. I'd assume it is, but I'd just appreciate some feedback from users of the 8.1 and if buying this particular sidearm is worth paying for extra mags as well as first strike rounds, which have been recommended in the research I've done. Any thoughts? Thanks you guys. I've also been thinking of buying either the T9.1 Elite, or the T4. I've been learning towards the T4 thanks to all the features that come with the gun and everything, but i've gotta save up some more money to buy it. Thoughts opinions and advice would really be appreciated

PS: forgive me if I'm not quick on the uptake with the techpb forums since I just joined literally a day ago so I'm still getting used to profiles and the layout of the site. Then again it wouldn't be as confusing if I wasn't doing it all on my phone would it?