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Angel Fly Sb

01 July 2011 - 03:54 PM

I need advice, anyone have any experience with the newest Angel? I am extremely interested in one of them, I just need some info on them

Show some love for back bottle air!

08 May 2011 - 07:59 PM

I love my back bottle air Phantom, anyone else a fan of this classic tank style?

Stock class rules, heres why

12 February 2011 - 07:23 PM

When I bought my Phantom, I had wild dreams for it. Crazy anno, freak mod, all kinds of crazy stuff. Well i bought a "simple" one instead: BBA, 45 framed phantom, the craziest thing on there was the offset stock feed Simple really is better, I am now a believer of that, and what could possibly be more simple than a nelson?

Ok, onto today's play, my first ever experience with a pump, and stock class.
When i got to the feild, I had read: have no harness, so i stuck the 10 rounders in my goggle straps, and walked to the chrono. The guy said "Your playin pump? Come back at the end of the day, and tell me how many elims you get" So i chrono it in right at about 250, which is fine for me, i turned the tpc the wrong way, so i just took it up to 250 and left it there. Walk to the speedball course, and a guy asks me if I am going to play speedball, I said sure, I'll play whatever. He said good luck, as he pulled out his crazy splash Geo2. He was a very nice guy, and I had fun playing against him. I got several questions such as: "Where does the air go?" "How much did it cost?" "You don't have to pump it right?" I even got the imfamous "Its alot more accurate isn't it?" All the renters were impressed, well most were, that i had the guts to use it. They thought it was cool that a 16 year old freak with tubes on his head would play against guys with $1000+ markers. I was asked why I bought the thing, that i was stupid for trying it, and that it wasn't worth the buttkicking i was taking. I didn't care, i want to play stock class, and haters are gonna hate.
The first game, got into the snake, snap-battled someone, and quickly learned my form was bad, I got shot in the hand, and i only had taken about 5 shots. A bit depressing, but the adrenaline rush was amazing, I was so scared and yet so happy to do that, it was indescribable.
A few games later, my gun started to autotrigger, took it apart and put it back together (noob mistake, check the front frame screw )
A guy in a valken jersey who i had met before was genuinely interested in my gun, and even wanted to know if i fixed my problem.
In one game, while in snake (I love that bunker, can't you tell ) I had a shot on someone, he didn't even know i was there :ninja: i lined up the shot and squeezed, but the trigger didn't move , well the safety was on , i tucked back in, flipped it off, snapped up and got shot right in the goggles, wasted opportunity... oh well
So in total, I didn't shoot anyone out, used 4 12 grams, and about 100 paintballs, but it seemed like the guys I was playing with were really intrigued that i went out to play with them so willingly, like they wanted me to do good. They even gave me a nickname, I am now known as "Pump" at the field.
Today was the most fun i have ever had playing paintball, I can't wait to go back, maybe next weekend?
Stock class rules, and that's why

Decision time!

05 February 2011 - 08:51 PM

Do i go ahead and get the Grey Ghost now, or do i save up and get an uber custom Phantom? Just so everyone knows, i already have 1 phantom that i was going to run mod stock, but the GG or the Phantom would be run strictly 12ies, and the phantom would be drop out