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06 February 2014 - 01:06 AM

So I had no time for paintball between school and work 2 years ago. I decided why not and sold all my gear EVERYTHING. I made a huge mistake doing that, and I regret it very much so. I wasn't running you know the best setup ever, just a casual every other weekend player.


I had

Gen 3 mini

upgraded board, feed neck

Ninja 50/4500

Gen 2 rotor

Dye Mask

Dye pod pack

Pants and Jerseys.


So my dilemma here is.


I'm thinking about buying an Empire AXE.  I've always loved EGO's but its no where in my budget right now to spend 1k on a gun. I specifically like the 09.                     Should I go the route of purchasing used or new?    Same with a tank.


I don't have problem with buying used stuff because how wonderful TechPb is, I just need an opinon, or if something is reccomended over the AXE