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Not at World Cup? Stop out for Player Appreciation at Dimension Paintball

21 October 2010 - 04:03 PM

Not going down to World Cup?
Then stop out for Player Appreciation at Dimension Paintball.
We are ordering Pizza from Pizza Hut for Player Appreciation.
Anyone who comes out to play and is registered before 11:15am will get two (2) slices of pizza on us.
I am ordering at 11:15, so if you show up late…you get whatever is left over.

So instead of wishing you were in Florida, come on out and have some fun…AND PIZZA!


Dimension Paintball LLC
4536 State Route 7
New Waterford Ohio, 44445

Support your local paintball store and field.
Like this one www.dimensionpaintball.com

Tippmann A-5 w/ E-Grip

05 October 2010 - 08:14 PM

Please Delete

Dimension Paintball

15 September 2010 - 04:00 PM

[font="""]Dimension Paintball LLC
[font="""]4536 State Route 7
New Waterford, Ohio 44445

Phone# 330-787-2544
[font="""]About Us:[/font]
[font="""]Our field will be open to the general public starting on Sept 5th ( Sunday ) 2010.
Our fields include two woods fields and, one 2010 regulation PSP air ball field.

[font="""]Monday - Saturday
Appointment Only
[font="""]10:00 am - 4:30pm
Field Fee
Standard Field Fee: $15.00
Team Practice Days (10:00am - 2:00pm ) : $10.00 ( air pass included )
***note*** Dates will be posted for Team Practice Days

Compressed Air Prices
All Day Compressed Air Pass : $5.00
Compressed Air Fill : $1.00 per 1,000 PSI

[/font][font="""]CO2 Prices
9oz & 12 oz : $2.00 per fill
16oz & 20oz : $4.00 per fill

Rental Equipment Fee
Base Rental Package .68 cal : $30.00
[/font][font="""]( includes : Mask, Marker, Loader, Compressed Air Tank, All Day Compressed Air Pass and, 500 rounds of paint )
Base Rental Package .50 cal : coming soon !!

[/font][font="""]Upgraded Rental Package .68 cal : $50.00 [/font]
[font="""]( includes : Mask, Marker, Loader, Compressed Air Tank, All Day Compressed Air Pass and, 2000 rounds of paint )
[/font][font="""]Upgraded Rental Package .50 cal : coming soon !!
[font="""]Paint Prices - WE ARE FIELD PAINT ONLY ! - No outside paint will be permitted without permission!

[font="""].68 cal.
Diablo Heat 500 round bag : $15.00
Diablo Heat 2000 round case : $45.00

RPS Premium Gold 500 round bag : $18.00
RPS Premium Gold 2000 round case : $60.00

[/font][font="""].50 cal.
500 round bag : coming soon!
2000 round bag : coming soon!

[font="Impact"]October 10th, 2010 - RED vs. BLUE ( BIG GAME )
[font="Impact"]Call for Details ! ! 330-787-2544

Coming Soon:

[/font][font="Impact"]COMING 2011 - Dimension Paintball Academy
[font="Impact"]Taking place over the course of 3 weekends: Players enrolled in the Dimension Paintball Academy will be given vital knowledge regarding paintball safety, woods ball skills, air ball skills and, of course.... lots of paintball !
More Details Coming Soon....

COMING 2011 - Dimension 3 Man Series[/font]
[font="Impact"]More Details Coming Soon....
[font="Impact"]COMING 2011 - Dimension 5 Man Series[/font]
[font="Impact"]This Series will be similar to the PSP Race 2 format.

In This Series teams must purchase a franchise for the season ( 4 Events ).
Purchasing a Franchise gets you....
- 7 Player Jerseys with you team logo and player number using the Dimension 5 Man Series Jersey Template.
- Discount Pricing on NON EVENT DAYS for team members at Dimension Paintball.

Ok... so now you are wondering what you get if you win, right?

Well that's simple... $ CASH $ and some very nice Trophies.
We do not believe in giving out prizes for winning that you have to try to sell on the internet somewhere... that just kinda sucks. We know, we have been there.
So that is why we are giving out cash for winning...

Franchise details including.... Pricing, Divisions, Event dates, Paint Prices, Rules, Dimension Paintball discounts will all be posted in the following months....


New Team Forming

19 August 2010 - 04:16 PM

No longer active.

How to find a good team to play on.

12 August 2010 - 06:02 PM

I have been playing paintbal lfor a couple years, but want to start playing in tournies. But there arent that many teams around me and I know for a fact I cant start a team, Im on a huge budget as it is. If anyone can help me that would be great. Just for the record I live in North Lima, Ohio.