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Real Deal Paintball
4032 County Road 43, Kemptville, ON
Real Deal Paintball Corporation > Home

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Tickets available from:

From our Online Store or at our field (4032 County Road 43, Kemptville, ON)
Paintball Paradise Pro-Shop
130 Robertson Road
Ottawa, ON
K7H 5Z1

8:00AM Get to the field, check in, get your supplies and chrony your markers!
9:00AM Mission Briefing
9:30AM Morning Missions Begin
12:30PM Lunch and Prisoner Exchange
1:30PM Afternoon Missions Begin
4:30PM Final Victory or Retreat. War Stories and other lies begin.

Canadian and German teams will attempt to take the village in this WWII Themed Big Game.


Colonel Fritz MacKay of the German FabreKugel Regiment will be bringing his trusty PanzerShrek Nerf Rocket Launcher and will attempt to stop Colonel Mad Mike Calnan's Daimler Ferret Armoured Car which is on loan from the Swords & Ploughshares Museum.

Missions, Scoring and Maps will be published at intervals over the summer. Join our Facebook Event page to be kept up to date will all intelligence briefings!


No stale, cold Pizza for our troops! An Army marches on its Stomach, so we've enlisted Kanata BBQ to provide lunch! Your choice of Steak, Chicken or Salmon plus dinner roll and choice of three salads!

But only if you buy your tickets before September 8th! Otherwise you'll enjoy a delicious 12" Sub from Subway!


We'll have our usual assortment of raffle prizes and will be drawing them at lunch time.


Prepaid Prices valid until Saturday September 8, 2012. Prices higher at the door. Purchase your tickets early to avoid disappointment.

Admission $25
& 500 Paintballs $50
& 2000 Paintballs $100
& 2000 Bronze Paintballs $115

Rental & 500 Paintballs $60


The Battle of Ortona (December 20–28, 1943) was a small, yet extremely fierce, battle fought between a battalion of German Fallschirmjäger (paratroops) from the German 1st Parachute Divisionunder Generalleutnant Richard Heidrich, and assaulting Canadian forces from the 1st Canadian Infantry Division under Major General Chris Vokes.

It was the culmination of the fighting on the Adriatic front in Italy during "Bloody December". The battle, dubbed "Little Stalingrad" for the deadliness of its close-quarters combat, took place in the small Adriatic Sea town of Ortona, with its peacetime population of 10,000.

Ortona was of high strategic importance, as it was one of Italy's few usable deep water ports on the east coast, and was needed for docking allied ships and so shorten Eighth Army's lines of supply which at the time stretched back to Bari and Taranto. Allied forces were ordered to maintain the offensive, and going through the built up areas in and around Ortona was the only feasible option.

Ortona was part of the Winter Line defence system and the Germans had constructed a series of skilfully designed interlocking defensive positions in the town. This—together with the fact that the Germans had been ordered to "fight for every last house and tree"— made the town a formidable obstacle to any attacking force.

Two Events at Real Deal Paintball you don't want to miss!

18 October 2011 - 12:12 PM

Saturday October 22nd

Fall Tailgate swap and sale!

Special on used BDUs and ACUs! $30 a set!

Get rid of your old, unused equipment and take home someone else's gear! Sell your guns, harnesses, vests, barrels, masks, what-have-you! Just park, open your trunk, and start selling.

If you are a commercial seller you must contact us ahead of time or you will be turned away.

After noon we will play paintball. Normal rates apply.

Saturday October 29th
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Join the Zombies, Pirates or the Royal Navy in this three way game to control the destiny of the Caribbean Sea!

Pre-registration will be an option for all Big Games. All those who pre-register will get a special bonus. The special bonus will be different for each Big Game.

You can register here:
Events Real Deal Paintball Corporation > Store at Real Deal Paintball's Store

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Real Deal Paintball
4032 County Road 43, Kemptville, Ontario